Green waste removal Melbourne: Waster is committed to the joint goals of helping small and medium businesses reduce their waste management costs and also to boost recycling performance. With utilisation of a smart approach to waste management this can be achieved by most businesses.


Food waste tend to make heavy bins


If you run a cafe, restaurant or other business producing or serving food, you may be aware that food waste is extremely heavy. A feature of the Australian waste collection Melbourne industry is that bins are collected by volume (i.e. the size of the bin such as 240 litre up to 4.5 cubic metres – offered through our online waste shop) but they are disposed of at landfill by weight. Thus the weight of your bins is a major determinant of your costs.


Waster is an innovative waste management business offering low cost and high quality waste and recycling services in all major Australian metro regions including Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin.


In our online waste shop – businesses that produce food and organic waste are priced more expensively that offices and warehouses – where the waste bins are generally lighter. We covered methods for businesses to reduce food and organic waste entering your bins by exploring opportunities for charity donations etc in our blog on organic waste solutions.


Introduction of an organic waste collection can be the best solution to numerous issues.


Green waste removal Melbourne – services available through Waster




Waster offers green waste removal Melbourne services across Melbourne metro in 120 litre bin sizes. As at 16 August 2016, collection of a 120 litre Organic waste bin is $22.00 plus GST. You can check out services and book your bin collections through our online portal by pushing the blue button below:


Benefits of implementing a green waste removal Melbourne service include:


A. Increase in diversion / recycling: you can significantly boost your recycling / diversion from landfill by sending food and organic waste to processing such as composting or energy generation plants.


Across Australia, there are a growing number of facilities built to process organic waste such as SITA Organics and Earthpower.



B. Reduction in cost: By removing food waste from your general waste bins, you can significantly reduce the weight of your bins and hence the cost per collection. Contact us to receive a calculation as to how much your costs would reduce on implementation of an organic waste service. Bins can also be picked up less frequently when they do not contain organic waste (i.e. due to greatly reduced small, hygiene issues etc).



C. Improves safety: Lighter bins due to removal of food waste are lighter and easier to move around. This can significantly reduce accidents and injuries such as push / pull injuries from moving bins.



Check out our recent blog on protecting your business with sensible document disposal practices. Also see blog on food waste Australia.