Australian environmental services: Mr Waster was on holidays in Queensland’s beautiful Great Barrier Reef last week and read and heard quite a bit about pollution of our ocean resources and also very interesting new approaches to try and remedy them.


From the website we quote the following stats:


“We use over 300 million tonnes of new plastic every year.  Half of this we use just once and usually for less than 12 minutes.  8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year.


Over many years, as this plastic waste is carried along by ocean currents, it breaks up into tiny pieces.  So much is getting into our ocean that in some places these plastic particles outnumber plankton by a ratio of 26:1


A large amount of this “thrown away” plastic contains toxins such as BPA and phthalates.

Animals and marine life suffer directly from plastic pollution. Birds feed on plastic, and an increasing number starve when their stomachs are full of plastic waste. 97.5% of Laysan Albatross chicks have plastic pieces in their stomachs.

Once in the ocean plastic pieces attract other toxins, released over decades from industry and agriculture. The concentration of these toxins increases as they are ingested and move up the food chain. These toxins are linked to cancer, infertility, auto immune disease, and cognitive and behavioural disorders. When tested 92.6% of Americans aged 6 and over had detectable levels of BPA in their bodies. The levels in children between 6 and 11 were twice as high as those in older Americans. (2011, Suzanne Freinkel, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story)”.

These are certainly some scary stats.  The Australian Marine Conversation Society  tells us that “almost 90% of the marine debris found on Sydney’s beaches is plastic, mostly bottles, caps and straws.

How Australian environmental services companies like Waster can help


Waster is a strong advocate for businesses improving their environmental performance and minimising their environmental footprint by boosting recycling. As recycling is in many cases significantly cheaper than dumping rubbish as general waste, we always tell our customers that with a little effort, they can boost recycling whilst reducing their costs for waste management. Check out our articles on recycling waste and developing a simple but effective waste management plan for your business.


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