Waste bins Sydney: as a waste and recycling company very much focused on growing our number of customers and specially focused on small and medium customers – we often find ourselves talking to business operators who want to move across to Waster but have to wait a certain period of time as their current waste supplier is holding them to contract. We run through a number of things to consider in this area, how to avoid some common pitfalls and how moving your waste bins Sydney and recycling services to Waster can help you avoid these issues entirely.


Long term contracts and roll-over clauses (how things have been done in the past)


The waste bins Sydney industry – and the Australian waste and recycling industry in general has long relied on long term contracts (of 2-3 years) followed by a rollover clause, as the commercial and legal basis for providing supply of bins and services. The issues tend to arise when customers think their contract has expired but find out that the contract has rolled over without them being aware.

You can read our summary of this situation as well as an update on the upcoming legislation changes from November 2016 which will greatly diminish the impact of rollover clauses in waste contracts for small and medium businesses. You can check out our article here: waste management Melbourne.


Legislation will come into force on 12 November 2016, providing small businesses with similar protection to private individuals. The unfair contract terms protections available under Australian Consumer Law will also be extended to cover small business contracts ( a small business will have fewer than 20 employees and the contract value will be capped at $300k or$1m if it is longer than a year).


Unfortunately, the new laws will not apply retrospectively but only on contracts agreed or varied after 12 November.


Waste bins Sydney – what you should do?

As a doctor would say (at least a good doctor) –prevention is better than cure, and so it is much easier to avoid getting in to unsuitable contracts that to get out of them once you have signed them. Waste companies are within their rights legally to hold you to contract if you seek to leave – of course this is unlikely to make you love them anymore.


The important thing in this instance is to take a clear note of when the contract expires, or when the rollover notice period window is and give your cancellation notice during this period.


Waste bins Sydney – benefits of signing with Waster


Waster is completely different to traditional waste industry practises of long contracts – all our waste and recycling Sydney services are delivered under flexible 30 day agreements (that you can cancel at any time by providing 30 days written notice). We prefer this approach as it is our guarantee of quality (if you do not like us you can leave us) and also it avoids any unpleasant wrangling if people want to move supplier for whatever reason.


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