Perth waste management: when we first speak to a potential client of Waster, one of the most common issues we need to address is reliability and trustworthiness in how we deal with customers. Many customers are suspicious of suppliers (of course this is a good and healthy thing given our legal system of Caveat emptor – or buyer beware) – however, once a customer has been hurt in the past by a supplier not delivering on their promise, we find they can be more reluctant to accept sales promises.


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Some of the more common queries we hear in Perth waste management customers include:


A. Will you tie me into a long term contract


This can be a big fear for many new customers due to hearing about rollover clauses from rubbish collectors and waste companies – also when a business is starting out, being locked in to an expensive contract that may not suit them can be scary. Waster offers all our services through flexible 30 day agreements – basically, if the service does not suit you, you can cancel by providing 30 days notice. Note: we do charge a bin removal fee of $75.00 +GST if you cancel us within 12 months – this is to prevent people from using us as a short term skip service!) Check out all our terms and conditions here for full details.


B. Will my rates for Perth waste management increase a couple of times a year


The simple answer to this is no. Waster adjusts rates once a year – although we have sometimes decreased rates – and no one complained for some reason. Our assurance over this is our 30 day terms  – if you are unhappy with our service or pricing, simply cancel on 30 days notice. See all our pricing inclusions here for full details.


C. Are there hidden costs


Simple and truthful answer is no – we do not charge additional fees such as rental fees, site fees, delivery fees etc. We charge per collection and bill one month in arrears. For trade waste – check out our details on grease trap Perth.


D. Will I have someone to speak to if I need it?


You certainly will. We commit to answering all queries within 24 hours and provide all customers with modern ticketed support including email, mobile phone, sms and direct dial contact. As a customer service business we seek to rectify any issues as soon as possible.


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