Rubbish collection Adelaide: in the Eagle’s song Hotel California they talk about a place that is easy to enter but hard to get out of – we are not saying that most waste management and recycling contracts for rubbish collection Adelaide are hard to leave, but they can be a bit tricky sometimes! In this article we will cover how Waster agreements are different and why you can relax knowing that the services delivered by Waster are designed to suit your business needs, not the other way around.


Waster 30 day agreements for rubbish collection Adelaide


All Waster rubbish collection Adelaide services (and nationwide) are delivered on flexible 30 day agreements – you can check out all the details on our pricing plans here and our terms and conditions details here.


Suffice to say – our services are delivered on flexible 30 day agreements. If you want to cancel for whatever reason, simply provide us with 30 days notice in writing (and yes an email will suffice) and we will cancel the agreement and remove the bins. If you cancel within 12 months we charge a one off bin removal fee of $75.00+GST per bin. (The total fee is capped at $250.00+GST). We have a bin removal fee to prevent people from using us as a short term waste removal service.


Whilst we by no means encourage customers to cancel with us – it does happen on occasion. For example, a cafe client failed to get planning permission for a new development and had to close down – we also had a client who was held to contract by a previous waste supplier (check out our article on waste management Melbourne and signing a long term contract).


Can I change bin sizes etc for rubbish collection Adelaide services?


At Waster – we always encourage customers to start with the minimal number of bins required, as you can increase frequency or add additional bins at a later date. We have had customers, who have need to change bins as the bin size selected was either too small or too large. For example, we had a customer that found their 3m bin too heavy to move around their site – and so wanted to change to more regular collections of 1.1m bins.


We always try to work with our customers to match their requirements and minimise any business disruption caused by bin swap-over etc. Check out our latest blog on skip bin hire Melbourne.


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