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New entrant aims to be Uber of waste


We were really pleased to get coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age this morning (3 October 2016) and certainly pleased to be mentioned in same article as Uber and Rubicon Global. Uber of Waste is certainly a nickname we would accept!


You can check out the articles here:


Sydney Morning Herald:   Waster: The story of Sydney’s youngest rubbish entrepreneurs


The Age: Waster: The story of Sydney’s youngest rubbish entrepreneurs


Mr Waster is winding up Aodhan and Joanna following their appearances in these articles – he does not think they look that young! Suppose they will take any complements they get!


Making recycling more accessible for Australian business

Waster is dedicated to reducing our customers waste management costs and helping the environment by boosting recycling at the same time. Through our commitment to providing education and third party trusted information to clients (as well as students and the general public) we always emphasise that you can often increase recycling whilst reducing your total costs. The phrase win:win is often overused – however, in this case both the environment and your business ca benefit from putting in some effort.


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