Rubbish bins Australia: many people stick with the same supplier for their waste management and recycling services for many years – or even the life of the business. This can be a sign of excellent service quality and value from your supplier but maybe – you should think about comparing the market. In this blog we cover 5 potential reasons that should make you think about changing supplier for your rubbish collection.


Reason #1 – you have had price increases every year for many years


You may have signed up to a contract for waste services many years ago at what was then a very sharp rate – however annual and even twice annual prices increases may have seen that initial sharp price become less sharp.


The rubbish bins Australia industry has standard practise of increasing customer prices on a regular basis in line with landfill levy increases and other reasons.


Reason #2 – your recycling performance has not improved


Has your waste management company seen you as a set and forget style customer – i.e. have they not taken efforts to reduce your costs and boost your recycling by implementing improvements or reducing waste going to landfill.


Check out this infographic comparing two identical businesses and the money one can save by implementing smart improvements in rubbish bins Australia services – waste services for cafes.


Reason #3 – the customer service leaves lots to be desired


Many business services companies such as waste and recycling operators have quite old fashioned approaches to customer service.


Think – when you call up and leave a message, do they call back and provide the info that you require, whether it is for a missed bin or an additional service etc.


Reason #4 – you have just come out of a multi year roll over clause for rubbish bins Australia


The dreaded roll over clause is one of the worst aspects of many waste and recycling contracts for rubbish bins Australia. If you are locked into a long term contract – you should note when it ends and when you need to give notice.


Reason #5 – bins get missed on a regular basis


Bin collection accuracy is basically the bread and butter of a rubbish bins Australia service – if your bin is getting missed too often, you should definitely think about comparing alternatives.


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