Sanitary bins Sydney:  we know that as a busy business operator in Sydney, you have many things to be thinking about from increasing sales to ensuring your staff are motivated. Did you know that pleasant office surroundings (including the bathrooms) is an important component in achieving staff engagement. Of course – we do not need to have breakout zones like in the case of Google or Silicon Valley – but having a pleasant washroom experience can be pretty easy to achieve.


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Sanitary bins Sydney and tips on office etiquette


Mr Waster stumbled across an interesting article in the Huffington Post recently – linked here on essential rules for office bathroom etiquette – we hope you will find some that we quote below interesting:


 – “Don’t wear shoes memorable enough to be recognized under a bathroom stall.


 – Find the safe haven toilets, usually located on the client meeting floor (with nicer bathrooms).


 – Don’t wait for someone to open the door for you or bother using a hand towel on the knob. Grow up. If you shake hands, ride in cabs, or eat in restaurants, this won’t make a difference.


 – No long conversations at the urinal (a simple “Hey man” or nod is acceptable). And, absolutely no talking between stalls.


 – No loitering. Get in and out as efficiently as possible; you never know what you’ll encounter. I once saw what I can only presume was a four-legged man in stall at a gas station on I-95.


 – If there’s a nice hotel nearby, take a walk. Then grab a coffee on your way back, just to let your stomach know who’s boss.


 – Don’t talk on the phone. If I’m on the other end and I hear an echo, any weird noises, or even a sloppy attempt at muting, I’m hanging up.


 – They’re not movie theater seats. I don’t care how entertaining this timeline is, handle your business and get out. (Hiding interns get a pass on this.)


 – No pulling rank. In the bathroom, everyone is equal, including your boss’ boss.”


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