Sydney rubbish removal: as you will know if you are a customer of Waster or a regular reader of our blogs – we always strive to be an honest business and practice a model with transparent pricing, no lock in contracts and only billing for services that you have contracted for at the right price. However, as with all things in life – we admit that sometimes things do go wrong and some customers do leave us.


Things that have gone wrong for Waster customers on Sydney rubbish removal


At Waster, we know that things sometimes do not run as smoothly as they should – and when they do we really strive to rectify them as soon as possible. Below are somethings that do go wrong:



Misunderstanding the price of services: Through our online waste shop we make it clear that the prices are for collection : see below –


In this instance – we make it clear that the price quoted is for Collection and disposal of 1100 litre General Waste bin. Rate shown exclusive of GST. Pricing is for individual bin collection.


The pricing is clearly stated as for the collection of one bin – if you get it picked up 10 times a month, you pay ten times the quoted price.


Some customers however, have argued that they believe the price quoted is for a monthly collection etc i.e. for unlimited collections.  Of course, in this scenario – all we can do is articulate the service agreement.


Issues with bin deliveries – delivery of bins is one of the most problematic aspects of waste services. Often (more often than we would wish) bins are not delivered on the specified day. This can create considerable issues for customers and customer service staff alike. Nearly always the delay is just a day or two.


A similar issue occurs when the first collection is missed – this can occur for numerous issues but mostly from the unfamiliarity of the driver with the site – where the bin is positioned etc. It can also be because the client did not put the bin out at the required time.


What can we learn from this for Sydney rubbish removal services – Waster strives to be as honest and open as possible in our dealings with customers, we keep our contracts as short as possible and do what we say on the tin – no lock in contracts, 30 day agreements and no hidden charges.


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