Environmental services: sometimes when we read the media – it can feel as if the global and Australian environment is being permanently impacted by pollution, unregulated waste disposal and the like. However, there is much excellent work being done such as in plastic recycling etc and in many other high tech areas with research from universities and private businesses.


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Environmental services – new developments to fight smog


An interesting article on the BBC website covers an exciting tech development that can help fight smog in major global cities. We quote from the article below:


“Particulate matter (PM), the tiny particles emitted in vehicle exhaust fumes, are the biggest air-borne killer. One of the finest of these particles, PM2.5 – so called because it’s just 2.5 micrometers in diameter – can penetrate lung tissue and enter the blood stream, where they damage arteries and cause cardiovascular disease. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the next deadliest component: by inflaming the lungs and rendering us susceptible to infection, it leads to 23,500 deaths annually in the UK alone.”


In face of this challenge, Dutch inventor Daan Roosegaarde has designed a seven metre tall Smog Free Tower in Beijing, China.


“It is a giant, outdoor air purifier. In much the same way that static electricity can make loose hairs  stick to a comb, airborne particles are sucked into the tower where they receive a positive charge. The particles are then captured by a negatively charged dust-removal plate and clean air is blown out of the other end.”


“He claims it can capture and collect more than 75% of PM in an area the size of a football field, running on just 1,400 Watts – less electricity than a standard desk-top air purifier. “Some 95% of indoor air purifiers use filters, which consume a lot of electricity and need to be cleaned frequently,” he says.”


“As for what to do with the collected PM waste, he currently has a side-line selling the compacted substance as jewellery. Prince Charles owns a set of “smog free” cufflinks. If collected on at a sufficient scale, Roosegaarde believes it could even be used as a building material.”


Mr Waster loves to see tech evolution like this and hopes we can see more like this in the waste industry – making bin days smoother. See our recent blog on tech change and will it impact the world of commercial waste bins services.