Bin collection for small business: Waster has been in operation now for roughly 8 months and we have learned an awful lot in that period of time. We will write a future blog on tips and learnings from starting a new business, but in this one we will cover what we have learned from customers.


Waster offers a real alternative in bin collection for small business, as we offer flexible 30 day agreements and no hidden prices. Check out our prices and services in our online waste shop now:


Bin collection for small business – what have we learned so far from customers

Many customers do not know we provide the bin as well

Waster provides bins (see wheely bins) but does not charge bin rentals as long as you have at least one collection per month. Many customers query whether we also provide the bin – and of course the answer is yes!


General misunderstanding as to how grease traps work

To be honest this one is not surprising as very few people find them that interesting. We have written a number of blogs on grease traps such as Australia grease trap cleaning.


Many customers only want to book a recycling service and have limited general waste


When we formed Waster – we knew we had a focus on driving recycling, but we are surprised by how much recycling is actually done. Many businesses are recycling the vast majority of their waste i.e. as cardboard or commingled recycling (yellow bin).


Lots of new businesses assume the council will collect their rubbish


When you are starting a new business, covering everything is pretty tricky i.e. like premises, employees, insurances etc. Bin collection for small business is something many people forget about – and we often get asked ” can you deliver the bins as soon as possible as we are already opened”!


In many areas, commercial services are actually cheaper than the council


In some instances – council services are actually significantly more expensive than commercial services such as Waster’s. You really need to check with your council to really find out (see blog on waste collection Melbourne).


Customers sometimes think they are not in a lock in contract, but………


This is one of the trickiest – and you really need to make certain that if you are moving waste suppliers, that you are not falling prey to the infamous roll-over clause – see blog on waste bins Sydney and weights of plastic garbage bins.