Carbon Neutral Waste Services: many industries and consumer goods sectors are seeing increased drive towards the goal of carbon neutral services or at least offsetting the carbon and green house gas impact of commercial activities. We are getting used to seeing ads on websites such as airlines when we book our flight tickets or even hotel bookings. The growth in the sector is even leading to concepts such as carbon neutral hotel stays.


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Are carbon neutral waste services a realistic objective?


Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from landfills are a serious concern in Australia and globally.  As per Wikipedia:

“Landfill gas is a complex mix of different gases created by the action of microorganisms within a landfill. Landfill gas is approximately forty to sixty percent methane, with the remainder being mostly carbon dioxide. Trace amounts of other volatile organic compounds comprise the remainder (<1%). These trace gases include a large array of species, mainly simple hydrocarbons.”


The gas is basically produced by the decomposition of organic compounds in the landfill. Landfills are a large source of human made methane emissions – i.e. the third largest in the US for example. Numerous more recent landfills have introduced gas capture technology to utilise this gas to power electricity generation.


In this regard in Australia-examples include the SITA Smartcells – this facility claims “The site provides green energy to over 2,000 homes across the City of Casey. This energy is produced from biogas captured onsite, converted into electricity and then fed back into the powergrid, providing significant environmental benefits including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less reliance on fossil fuels for power generation.”


Waster is seeking to do its part by promoting recycling wherever possible – see our blogs on food waste disposal and recycle bottle and cans. We have also teamed with Greenfleet to plant native Australian trees – and will match customer donations in this regard (up to $10 per customer).


For trends in data and environmental analysis – see our blog on rubbish bins Sydney.