Waste Disposal Perth: in most of our blogs we cover informative subjects on topics related to how businesses can save money and boost recycling when organising their waste disposal Perth services. When the issue of waste services come up in any metro region – we often read news stories querying where new landfills will be located – and of course NIMBYs or Not In My Back Yards residents do not want them near their house (and completely understandably). Numerous councils in Perth are moving towards an incineration model – and away from landfill – see article here. However, in this article we ask – can we just blast the waste into space.


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Waste disposal Perth – can we forget about new landfills and just blast our rubbish into space?


As we have limited space on earth – and infinite space in deep space (and also a huge incinerator in the form of the sun) – can we blast our garbage on rockets into space for disposal. This article on the BBC answers that question. We quote from the article below:


The primary problem is weight. The average person in the UK produces 1.85kg (4lb) of waste per day; in the US, it’s 2.3kg (5lb).


As Andrew Pontzen of University College London points out, it costs $200m (£143m) to get the Ariane V rocket into an orbit ready to travel further into space. With a payload of approximately 7,000kg, that works out at around $41,000 (£29,000) per kilogram. A hefty price to pay for a few plastic wrappers and a bottle or two.


Pontzen reckons that, unless you plan the mission very carefully, you’d need about 10 times more energy for the trip between Earth and the Sun’s surface than you’d already spent getting into orbit.


In conclusion, even though blasting our rubbish into space is scientifically feasible – it most certainly does not meet our objectives of reducing costs and helping the environment. I am sure you are glad we have checked this for you! Do not mention it.


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