Waste bins: Mr Waster was surprised to see that his daughter’s school is going on a excursion. That in itself is not very surprising – but the fact that 6 year olds were visiting a waste facility was! I was very pleased to see that they were going on an educational trip to the Kimbriki Resource Recovery centre and Eco House and Garden.


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What would you teach kids about waste bins?


The trip looks very interesting and promises to discuss topics such as :

 “- Where my breakfast came from

 – Amazing soils

 – The importance of recycling food waste at home and at school

 – All about compost

 – The role of worms

 – You are what you eat… and more!”


In our blog – we often talk about how recycling is rapidly improving, and how many products can now be diverted from landfill (see carbon neutral waste services and recycle bottles and cans). The question I ask myself is what would you teach your kids about conserving commodities and being waste aware – in a world where the vast majority of waste bins contents can be recycled.


For example – there are constantly improving source separation options available – whereby even general waste bins can be diverted from landfill (or at least a very large proportion). This raises the question as to is there anything inherently negative about just throwing stuff away.


Throughout all of human history we have aimed to conserve – mend and make do etc. Throwing away everything we use has been seen as a social negative. Would we still teach our kids to conserve – even if there was really no environmental benefit – i.e. is living a simple life a good thing in and of itself.


Mr Waster would be interested to hear your opinions on this topic.


Note: this article is a thought experiment – we recognise that currently, there are clear environmental negatives from landfill and most recycling processes.

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