Restaurant grease trap: when you operate a business serving food such as a cafe, take away shop or restaurant you will likely be required to have a regulated grease trap on site. In this blog we will cover some of the key requirements and things to look out for when arranging grease trap cleaning in Sydney metro region. We have similar blogs on topics such as grease trap Brisbane or grease trap Canberra.


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Restaurant grease trap – some key things to know before booking


Before you book your grease trap service – it is good to understand the following concepts:


Required schedule: the schedule you need to follow for grease trap cleaning will be set and monitored by your local water authority. They will categorise your business based on business type, size of trap (in litres) to work out the required schedule. You will then be required to keep a record of the services performed. In Sydney – a barcode is scanned and the service performance is then recorded on the system automatically.


Barcode or trade waste agreement: In Sydney – each grease trap will have a barcode – this will be a white sticker / plaque attached to a wall or service near the trap. When you book a service -it is best to have these details to hand.


Pricing: pricing per service is usually calculated on a per litre basis – i.e. it will be a cost per litre x the number of litres in the trap. Many providers may have a minimum litre charge – i.e. such as 1000 litres or higher.


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