Melbourne Rubbish Collection: garbage collection personnel in Australia have a certain image – and every one has a different opinion on garbos and rubbish tips Melbourne. We officially launch our new corporate icon – Mr Waster today – to bring a new and fresh face to the Melbourne rubbish collection market.


Waster offers a real alternative to small and medium Australian businesses for Melbourne rubbish collection and all kinds of recycling.  We provide regular bin services in all bin sizes from 240 litre up to 4.5m front lift services. As all our services are delivered on flexible 30 day agreements – you do not need to sign long term contracts or worry about hidden roll over clauses again.



Melbourne rubbish collection – Mr Waster provides a fresh faced approach to the industry


We are launching our new corporate mascot – Mr Waster today. Mr Waster will be taking part in our advertising and branding as we further develop our web presence and logo. He has been designed to be a helpful and personable face for our business. We believe that he will offer a helpful and informative personality to help and encourage customers and the general public to boost recycling, help the environment and commit to high quality customer service.


Our intention is to continue to grow our social media presence and continue to pursue an educational and content marketing approach to waste services and environmental management. This will help us continue to provide infomative blogs such as rubbish bins and Sydney landfill – whether landfilling is worse than composting of organic waste.


We have many ambitious plans for Mr Waster – that will help kids be interested in recycling and protecting the environment – this will include computer games and cartoons with environmental themes. We of course would look forward to hearing your feedback on where you would like the character to be used and any good ideas. See our recent blog on recycling Melbourne.