Recycle plastic: We all like to think of our planet as a beautiful blue marble floating in infinite space – in fact – one of the most famous photos ever taken is the Blue Marble picture taken by Nasa on the Apollo 17 mission. See a version of the picture below:


Recycle plastic blue pearl


Unfortunately – scientists are starting to refer to the Earth as the Plastic Planet – due to the huge amounts of plastic that has been produced in the last 60 years.


According to the BBC –  “US scientists have calculated the total amount of plastic ever made and put the number at 8.3 billion tonnes. It is an astonishing mass of material that has essentially been created only in the last 65 years or so. The 8.3 billion tonnes is as heavy as 25,000 Empire State Buildings in New York, or a billion elephants.”


Some of the more scary and amazing facts on the sheer volume of plastic produced in a very short space of time include (based on a study from the University of California):8,300 million tonnes of virgin plastics have been produced:


  • Half of this material was made in just the past 13 years
  • About 30% of the historic production remains in use today
  • Of the discarded plastic, roughly 9% has been recycled
  • Some 12% has been incinerated, but 79% has gone to landfill
  • Shortest-use items are packaging, typically less than a year
  • Longest-use products are found in construction and machinery
  • Current trends point to 12 billion tonnes of waste by 2050
  • Recycling rates in 2014: Europe (30%), China (25%), US (9%)



We need to recycle plastic to deal with this issue!


The scariest stat from the list below is how little of the plastic produced is reused or even recycled. Clearly as a society we need to move away from the “throw away” culture that we live in. At least once we produce the product – it is pretty easy to recycle it.


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