Recycling plastic: we recently covered the new scheme to be introduced in NSW to boost recycling plastic bottles and cans – through the use of a network of reverse vending machines. Through this system – people returning used containers will receive cash or credits for the drinks container. In today’s blog – we cover how international drinks company Coca Cola is proposing to boost the proportion of recycling plastic material in its drinks containers.


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Recycling plastic – major boost as Coca Cola boosts recycling component of bottles.


Quoting from the BBC website on the topic:


“The drinks firm has announced that all 20 of its brands including Sprite, Fanta and Schweppes, will be made up of 50% recycled plastic by 2020.”


“The move to boost the recycled content of plastic bottles is part of a new sustainable packaging strategy by the US company.”


“It also announced that it will be investing in marketing and advertising to promote recycling.”


“Coca-Cola has been the target of a global campaign by Greenpeace urging it to ditch “throwaway plastic”.


Jon Woods, general manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “Our packaging is valuable to us and we don’t want to see any of it end up where it shouldn’t.”


“All of our bottles and cans have been 100% recyclable for some time now, so in theory none should be littered. But we know that isn’t happening and that’s why we are going to do more.”


We certain welcome this development and are hopeful that schemes like this , combined with reverse vending schemes such as that in NSW will reduce plastic pollution of our seas and oceans. Check out a blog we posted on that topic here – national resource recovery.


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