Grease Interceptors: At Waster – we often take calls from stressed out business owners and staff saying that their grease interceptors or grease trap has over-spilled and is smelling or causing other unpleasant issues. These calls often come after normal business hours – i.e. when restaurants are getting ready for their busy evening or weekends. There is nothing more stressful than trying to call around to find an emergency grease trap pump-out when your usual provider is not answering the phone!


Waster provides low cost waste and recycling services to small and medium Aussie businesses such as cafes and restaurants. We provide all services from general waste bins to grease interceptors cleaning and sanitary bins and much more. All our services are on flexible 30 day agreements. You can check pricing and book your service online today:


Grease interceptors – what could possible go wrong?


Grease traps are a very reliable system for preventing grease and food scraps from entering the water pipes system – where they can cause blockages and overspills. Problems can start to arise if the trap has not been cleaned in line with the set schedule – i.e. by the local water authority (such as Sydney Water in Sydney metro).


If the trap becomes clogged up – it can start to spill over – i.e. where dirty liquid will be forced out of the trap. This liquid can smell quite bad and be very off-putting. This can of course be extra urgent to rectify if the trap is inside such as in a basement or kitchen area.


An emergency grease trap cleaning will work out significantly more expensive than a regular grease trap cleaning. For example – on a regular schedule in Sydney metro – Waster charges c.$0.21+GST per litre. However, when an emergency pump out is required – trucks need to be rerouted and the service rota is altered. This means some scheduled services are slightly pushed back or an extra truck is put on the road. An emergency pumpout can thus cost up to $2000. Of course, this can be a very small price to pay to ensure your business can operate on its busy Saturday or Friday night!


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