Trash Can: it was once comically said that the British and Americans were people divided by a common language. Even though Australians are using more and more Amercian English terms – we still use many different terms to them. It can be funny when someone refers to a pant-suit or eats a peanut butter and yellow sandwich – and of course what is a corndog! One of the areas where there are differences is in what we call bins. In Australia – we tend to call them bins – nice and simple. Our American cousins tend to call them trash cans or dumpsters!


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Trash can – is there any difference to a normal bin?


One of the more famous things about trash cans – at least for me when I was a kid is that they were where the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch lived. According to Wikipedia: 


“He has a green body (during the first season he was orange), has no visible nose, and lives in a trash can. His favorite thing in life is trash, as evidenced by the song “I Love Trash”. A running theme is his collection of seemingly useless items in his trash can.” 


For some reason – there were a number of American cartoons of my childhood – and earlier – whereby the characters lived in bins – we will do a future article on Top Cat in this context.


You can enjoy Oscar’s rendition of I love Trash below – enjoy!:




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