5S In Waste Management 🗑️: The 5S system has been around for quite some time already – even before being implemented in waste management. Conceptualised in Japan, how exactly does it work on waste management? Read on to learn more.

The Japanese people are always known for their dedication to their work and striving for perfection. Having a mindset like that made me respect them greatly.

They have their priorities set in place. In addition, they are also known as innovators – the usual kick-starts in changing the world. Some of the inventions I dearly liked from them include some completely random objects like Pokémon and Mario games, the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Corolla cars and/or any of the lustrous JDM cars, in general!

Due to their borderline insane work ethic to achieve perfection, they have come up with some of the best methods for efficiency. The 5S method, in particular, is one of those. Below, we will discuss plenty of informative things you need to know about it and how it can greatly improve waste management practices.

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5S method: the key to efficient waste management

Of course, we would all like to have a more systematic approach to dealing with everything as much as the Japanese people do. As mentioned, they have created the 5S methodology mainly for a more organised workflow.

It originated when the Toyota Production System, post-war, began seeking to reduce waste from manufacturing and incompetencies. Note that they got the blueprint from Hiroyuki Hirano.

Obviously, this method has 5 steps to follow. Essentially, the 5S aims to go through every item present in the workspace, removing the unneeded/unnecessary, arranging items in an organised way, cleaning said items and maintaining this – basically – forever.

Every step is a must-follow. In fact, businesses should do them in this order and cannot skip or omit even one of the steps. Following the 5S methodology, we now see its compatibility with waste management.

After all, efficiency is the key to effective waste management that can lead to a safer and cleaner environment and more sustainable living and the sure-fire way to do this is by following all of the 5S methodology steps. Let us talk about them one by one in the following sections.

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First 2 5S steps in waste management: Sort and Set in Order

The first two steps to follow in this methodology are Sort and Systemise or Set in Order. Every item should first be looked at and straightened before doing any actions.


Sort (Seiri – 整理)

This, as mentioned, is the first of the 5S in waste management. Make sure to identify all the items available in the workspace. Evaluate the items present and determine their essentiality. Does a particular business need the already-identified item in the workplace or not? If not, then the best action to take here is to red-tag the non-essential items. The term red-tag simply refers to tagging the non-essential items, taking them away from the workplace and storing them in an appropriate area for later disposal, recycling or reuse.

This method can help bring about a safer workplace and identify broken or outdated tools. Additionally, it can also increase the workspace area.


Set in order, Systemise, or Straighten (Seiton – 整頓)

The next of the 5S in waste management is to Set in order, Systemise or Straighten. Essentially, this step emphasises the importance of the essential items’ placement. First, know where to properly put each essential item. After knowing, of course, ensure that the essential items do go into their assigned area. Return it to their proper assigned area after use and make sure they always make their way there.


5S in waste management: the next/last 3 steps

Now that the non-essential (i.e., waste) has been dealt with accordingly and the essential items sorted, focusing more on the workplace should become the priority of businesses to follow the 5S methodology in waste management.


Shine (Seiso – 清掃)

The third 5S method referred to as Shine, focuses on the inspection and cleanliness of the workplace and its tools, equipment and machinery. Of course, make sure to clean up the workplace at all times – for health and safety reasons. Also, keep in mind to strive for a clean workplace at all times, 24/7/365. To ensure this, orchestrate cleaning activities at every work shift. Whatever nature of work, either in an office or in a factory, plant, etc., cleanliness is a must.


Standardise (Seiketsu – 清潔)

Now, make sure that all procedures are followed by everyone working there. With this, businesses can maintain a high standard of organization and keeping. Update as needed and regularise sorting, setting in order and shining responsibilities at a consistent level.


Sustain (Shitsuke –しつけ)

Finally, the last 5S in waste management involves sustaining the modelled processes by the employees working there. Maintain correct procedures and ensure that the 5S methodology never ends. Go back from step 1 to step 5 regularly and transform it into an endless cycle of discipline, organisation and cleanliness.


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