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However, of course – sometimes there can be negative developments – and today we will cover how electrical and power bills are making recycling harder for recycling facilities.


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Adelaide rubbish dump – set back for local recycling business

It was disappointing to hear that a South Australia recycling business is shutting due primarily to large cost increases in its energy bill. The ABC covered the story here.


We quote from the article below:


“Plastics Granulating Services (PGS), based in Kilburn in Adelaide’s inner-north, said it had seen its monthly power bills increase from $80,000 to $180,000 over the past 18 months.”


“Managing director Stephen Scherer said the high cost of power had crippled his business of 38 years and plans for expansion, and had led to his company being placed in liquidation.”


“PGS processed domestic, low-grade waste and turned it into plastic granules, to be converted back into other industrial products like irrigation piping and flower pots.”


The managing director of the business said it was the last of its type in SA and he expected this sort of process to move offshore to Asia.


“We process about 10,000 tonnes of plastic waste [and] that’s now currently turned off, so South Australia won’t be recycling 10,000 tonnes [of plastic],” he said.


“To scope 10,000 tonnes for you, 10,000 tonnes is 15 per cent of the Australian market [of low-grade recycled plastic] … so Australia has lost 15 per cent of its supply.”


This certainly is a disappointing story for all associated with waste collection and recycling in SA and highlights the need for more focus on our environmental strategy.


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