Advanced Recycling Technology 👽: We finally introduce to you the last recycling cartoon story character, Clarence the alien! Discover who he is, where he is from and what advanced recycling concepts he introduced whilst making his way to Earth in this blog.Clarence the Alien

As a peaceful town, nothing out of the ordinary usually happens at Seahaven. Or… is there?

Well apparently, unbeknownst to many except for the people of Seahaven, there resides someone from a very far, far away place that helps people with recycling. Dustin, in particular, really loves talking to this fellow when it comes to recycling.

Just who is this person? Wait, is what we’re talking about even a person? Let us talk more about him below. Stay tuned!


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Before we go further and learn who Clarence the alien is and the advanced recycling technology he introduced to the people of Seahaven, let me share with you more information about Waster.

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Now, on to Clarence the alien!


Meet Clarence the alien and see his advanced recycling technology!

As we have mentioned above, Clarence the alien is the last of our cartoon recycling story’s characters – for now, that is. Learn everything that you should about this friendly and recycling-loving alien below.

Name: Clarence

Age: 20 years old on his planet, 40 on Earth

Height: 115 cm

Nickname/s: Clarence the alien

Appearance: Clarence is a small alien with orange-ish skin and big, black eyes. This cute alien always wears big headphones made from recycled plastics. Whilst riding his small spaceship, he listens to all kinds of music, something that he and his kind did not have on their planet and he discovered on Earth.


More on Clarence the alien

Personality: Clarence the alien, unlike the notion that people get from aliens (evil and trying to take over the world) is actually kind and peaceful, and hates confrontations. He loves sharing his acquired knowledge and advanced recycling technology with humans, especially those in Seahaven. But he does not speak to anyone else, really. Imagine all the panic and chaos that will ensue if they discover that aliens exist, right? However, he regularly speaks to Dustin and his dog Julius. From time to time, he hangs out at Rosa’s cafè, really enjoying the food and drinks there. He is also fascinated by a lot of people on Earth, most especially Wally, because of his vast knowledge about recycling that could maybe even rival his own kind back on his planet.

Backstory: 10 years ago on his planet (which is 20 on Earth, as Clarence’s planet only has 12 hours in a day), Clarence left and went on a journey in his spaceship to search for life outside his planet and spread his advanced recycling technology. He stumbled upon Earth and has lived there since.


Last batch of facts about Clarence

Goals: He wishes to become even closer with humans, even those not from Seahaven when the time comes. Along with that, he has a goal of spreading his vast knowledge of recycling and his advanced recycling technology.

Quirk: Even with his knowledge, he has not perfected English yet. He has poor grammar when talking, but the important thing here is he understands and is understood at the same time.


Now… on to Clarence’s advanced recycling technology!

All of Clarence’s advanced recycling technology can be found in his spaceship.

His spaceship can be likened to the ISS’s, wherein everything there – the spaceship’s components and his supplies – are very much recyclable.

Like humans, he and his race also need water to live. To survive and function well, he needs around 40 gallons of water daily. But with his advanced recycling technology, he absorbs his sweat and recycles it for later use.

Again, like humans, they also require oxygen to survive. Clarence’s spaceship, thanks to the advanced recycling technology he developed, oxygen can also turn to water thanks to the pumps and specialised reactors present.

Even his urine can be turned back to water! With Clarence’s advanced recycling technology, the urine turns into salty brine and water vapour coming from a low-pressure chamber that forces the water to evaporate. The salty brine is thrown and burned out of the spaceship whilst the water vapour is kept for decontamination.   

These are the main functions of the spaceship he used to go to Earth. It would’ve been impossible to go from a far-off planet to another without recycling. And, what he learned along the way, he taught to the residents of Seahaven. Clarence, up until now, is readily available to help anyone with recycling!


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