AJ Bush And Sons 🥩: As one of the leaders in providing waste and recycling services in Australia, we assure you that we welcome asking questions no matter how simple they may be. In this blog, we discuss something that piqued our interest – the latest news on AJ Bush and Sons. What is this company about and what is the latest news about it? We will discuss that further below, so continue reading to learn more.

As we have stated in our previous blog about what you can and cannot put in the organic food waste bin, pure meat is a no-go.

Pure meat isn’t ideal for organic waste bins because it decomposes quickly, attracts pests and can create strong odours.

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It can also introduce pathogens and disrupt the composting process, affecting the quality of the compost. It’s better to compost meat separately or dispose of it in a way that won’t contaminate other organic waste.

Now, you might be wondering how to deal with meat waste. One such process is rendering the meat. In Australia, a company called AJ Bush and Sons, an Australian family-owned business specialising in protein meal and fats/oils manufacturing, has a rendering facility in Rouse Hill. However, even with its benefits, there lies a major problem with their rendering operations, which we will cover more below.


More on AJ Bush and Sons

Before we go further with the main issue caused by AJ Bush and Sons, let us first define rendering.

Rendering meat is a process that involves heating raw animal products, like fat or leftover animal tissue, to convert them into more stable, usable materials. This process extracts fat and proteins from these materials, leaving behind dry, solid remnants.

There are two primary types of rendering:

  1. Fat Rendering: This involves heating animal fat to separate it from the connective tissues, proteins and water content. This produces purified fat that can be used in various applications, including cooking oils, animal feed or industrial uses like soap and candles.
  2. Meat Rendering: Involves heating leftover animal tissue, such as bones, tendons, and offal (internal organs), to extract proteins, minerals, and fats. This process yields products like meat and bone meal, which can be used in animal feeds or fertilisers.

In essence, rendering helps in maximising the use of animal by-products, converting them into valuable materials for various industries rather than letting them go to waste.


The main problem

With all the benefits rendering by AJ Bush and Sons provides, there still lies a glaring problem: the foul odour. This even warranted a Change.org petition directed to AJ Bush and Sons from the people living near the area to deal with the odour or relocate.

Below, we give you the gist of the petition.

It seems there’s a significant issue regarding offensive odours emanating from AJ Bush and Sons’ meat rendering facility in Rouse Hill, Australia. Residents in the surrounding areas have been consistently affected, describing the odour as intolerable and likening it to unpleasant scents such as rotten meat, sewage and manure.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) has released land near the facility without disclosing information regarding offensive odours, despite residents enduring this problem regularly. The EPA has conducted investigations, documenting breaches, clean-up notices, fines, and ongoing investigations into recent events, highlighting the severity of the situation.

The community has expressed concerns about the impact on their quality of life and is requesting urgent action from AJ Bush and Sons. The petition aims to address these issues and urges the company to upgrade its facility or consider relocating to prevent the release of these offensive odours.

EPA Executive Director of Regulatory Operations, Steve Beaman, has emphasised the importance of AJ Bush & Sons taking measures to contain these odours and improve management practices to protect the nearby residents’ quality of life.

The high number of complaints and the consistent impact on residents’ lives underscore the seriousness of the situation. If you support this cause, signing the petition is a way to show solidarity with the affected community and to encourage solutions to mitigate these ongoing issues.


The latest update provided by AJ Bush and Sons

AJ Bush and Sons’ community notice board page has posted an update regarding the situation.

It appears that AJ Bush and Sons, in collaboration with Bird Bros Pty Ltd, has announced the recommencement of their collection services starting from December 11, 2023. However, they have decided against resuming their usual rendering activities on-site.

Instead, they are actively engaged with regulatory authorities, including the EPA, and industry partners such as the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) and the Australian Renderers Association (ARA), to explore long-term solutions for the aggregation and redistribution of co-product material. They emphasize the importance of this material in the supply chain, where protein, fats, and oils are used in stock feed, pet food, fertilizers, and renewable fuels.

Acknowledging recent unprecedented challenges that have impacted their companies, clients, and the wider industry, they express gratitude for the patience and understanding shown by their clients and the community during this period. AJ Bush & Sons and Bird Bros affirm their commitment to delivering high-quality services as they resume collection activities.

Despite the resumption of services, they acknowledge that the current method of aggregating and redistributing co-product material at the Riverstone site might not be a sustainable long-term solution, especially considering the rapidly evolving environment in Northwest Sydney.

The statement indicates a proactive approach by AJ Bush & Sons and Bird Bros Pty Ltd in collaborating with regulatory bodies and industry partners to find viable solutions while emphasizing their dedication to maintaining quality service.


Waster’s final thoughts

So, there you have the whole spiel. AJ Bush & Sons and Bird Bros will resume collection services without on-site rendering.

They’re collaborating with authorities and industry groups for a long-term solution on co-product material. This, of course, is a welcome change.

Additionally, and more importantly, the community would appreciate and support their aim to mitigate the problem and maintain quality service. AJ Bush and Sons also acknowledge the current method’s sustainability challenges.

The people living near their rendering facility anticipate these positive changes to be swiftly implemented as they continue operations, ensuring a better impact on the community and the industry.


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