Are Razor Heads Recyclable? ♻️ : Even though there are many types of razors, we can all agree that we find disposable razor blades as the most convenient to have. But what do we do with them after use? Can we recycle them? Let me discuss it with you. Read on to learn more.

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Go ahead! razor heads are indeed recyclable

After shaving, remember not to toss your razor heads in the trash. But even with my reminder, many still throw them there up to this day. They are one of the most thrown-away items in the garbage bin.

In fact, in the US, the EPA reports that the people there throw away an estimated 2 billion disposable razors every year. As a result, many of those razor heads pile up in landfills. One would think that recycling them is the best option to help divert them from landfills, but there is something we all should be aware of before even thinking of that.

Disposable razor heads are made of metal, which is indeed recyclable. But a plastic casing encapsulates it, making it somewhat of a costly and unsafe thing to recycle. So what can we do about it? Is there some company out there willing to take your recyclable razor heads?

Fortunately, there is! I will discuss it in the following section.


How To Recycle Disposable Razors

There are a number of ways to recycle your disposable razors. The first example would be the recycling program Gillette has made available. Partnering up with Terracycle, they offer a razor recycling program to ensure that the recyclable – but hard to do so – razor heads do not end up in landfills.

How do you make use of this program? Before continuing, might I also add that any brands of razor blades are welcome in this program, not just Gillette blades!

It is quite easy. All you have to do is to first join the program by going to their website which we linked above. After that, you can get a box from them that lets you store disposed of razor blades.

When the box is full and you are ready to send your razor blade waste to Terracycle, get yourself a tracking label by downloading it on their website. And finally, stick your tracking label on the box and give it to your chosen mail carrier. The only thing you will spend on is the shipping fee. A small price to pay to save the environment, I might say.

Another example is the Gimme 5 program, as stated by Recycle Nation. Basically, what they do is collect your recyclable razor heads with #5 plastic, as well as any other #5 plastics. They provided their subscribers with dropoff points housed by Whole Foods.

But if you do not have one located near you, you can send your razor blade waste to Preserve. Just search for their email address on their official website.

razor head

Other options instead of recycling

We can now all agree that razor heads are indeed recyclable. But are there any other options we can do to divert disposable razors from going into landfills? Aside from this, we also want to find more sustainable ways. Let me share some tips with you.

1. Buy and use a long-lasting razor

Instead of buying those cheap, disposable razors, purchase cartridge razors. If you have no idea what a cartridge razor is, that simply means razors with removable heads. Additionally, they also have higher-quality handles. A friendly reminder as per Recycle Nation, use double-edged razors because they require fewer raw materials to create.

Another option you can look at is electric razors. You will worry less about recyclable razor heads if you use this, instead. Slate published an article that proves electric razors have a lower carbon footprint than even the eco-friendly, disposable razors.

2. Find ways to prolong your disposable razor

Initially, you can use a disposable razor for approximately 10 times, more or less, before it goes dull. But did you know that you can prolong your disposable razors? “How?” you say. Well, that is by rubbing baby oil on the blades after each use. Not only does this keep the blades sharp, but it also keeps them free from rust – the number one enemy of steel.

3. Shave less, if you can

You can opt to shave less frequently if you want to contribute to helping sustain the environment. An example for men: if you shave once or twice a week, you should try to cut that in half. Shave only once a week if possible. Or, you can also lessen it and shave every other week if your facial hair grows slower. For women, you can lessen the times you need to shave your legs or other parts of the body by covering them if you like. Just to add, having hair all over the body is normal. If you can endure having excess hair on the body, please do so to reduce razor heads pollution.


Are razor heads recyclable? The conclusion

Although razor heads can be labelled as recyclable, it is still a tricky process. Contact your local council first if such programs that recycle razors are available within your area. Furthermore, you can also do a number of other options to decrease disposable razor waste.


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