When you run a business in Australia – it is very difficult to keep totally up to speed with all relative rules and regulations. One of the questions we often hear from small business owners is “are sanitary bins a legal requirement in Australia”?

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The answer – is not so clear cut and there is some guidance but not a strict rule (at least that we are aware of).


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Are Sanitary Bins A Legal Requirement In Australia?


We have looked at relevant legislation and to be honest the wording is rather vague.


According to Safe Work Australia and the document – Managing The Work Environment And Facilities – Code Of Practise we find the following clauses:


“A unisex toilet should include one closet pan, one washbasin and means for disposing of sanitary items.”


“Toilets should be supplied with:

  • an adequate supply of toilet paper for each toilet
  • hand washing facilities
  • rubbish bins
  • for female workers, hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items.”


It should be noted that the document does not specifically say that a “sanitary bin unit” is required – although maybe it can be inferred from the text.


Are Sanitary Bins A Legal Requirement In Australia

The website – safetyconcepts.com.au states that – “Female workers should have available an appropriate system for the safe disposal of sanitary items.”


Conclusion on ” are sanitary bins a legal requirement in Australia”.


I am not a lawyer and of course – this blog should not be taken as legal advice. However, the legislation from Safe Work and elsewhere – makes clear that having sanitary disposal available in washrooms is a requirement – even if having a “sanitary bin” may not be.


I would suggest that providing a sanitary bin service would be the most sensible option – from both a hygiene, comfort and also legal perspective.


Sanitary bin services cost $20.00+GST per swapover through Waster – and a four weekly collection cycle for small businesses is usually sufficient.


It is thus a practical and cost effective service for all businesses.