Are Yoghurt Containers Recyclable? ♻️: In this blog, we determine yoghurt containers’ recyclability. Can they be placed in your recycling bin? Or, should you just place them in your general waste bin, without any other viable options? Continue reading this blog to learn more.


Truly, no one person does everything perfectly. We all make mistakes, as the saying goes, and we should accept that and try our best to do things right at least most of the time.

Most especially in recycling, we all can make mistakes. However, we should aim to always research and make very minimal to no mistakes as not to contaminate and ruin a whole batch of recyclables.

Do take note not to ‘wishcycle‘ and try to recycle what you want to recycle without proper information and guidance from your local council.   Obviously, you should make sure to recycle what you know can be recycled. Mr Waster aims to teach and broaden your knowledge on all things recycling-related. And for this blog, we talk about yoghurt container’s recyclability.

Are yoghurt containers recyclable? Or, should you just forget about it and throw these tubs into your rubbish bin? Below, we cover all of that and more.


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Yoghurt containers are indeed recyclable!

At Waster, we do not want to make things more complicated and want to tell you straight away the answer to our customers’ frequently asked questions.

So, we should answer as swiftly as we can while writing this blog – yes, yoghurt containers are recyclable. Yoghurt containers are usually made of polypropylene, a type of plastic or what is usually known as #5 plastic. Some might not accept them because of polypropylene plastic’s somewhat little recyclable value as mentioned by Lifehacker, but some other locations in Australia still do accept yoghurt containers as recyclable materials.

Just make sure to place them loose in the recycling bin. As for their lids, you can recycle them provided that they are larger in size so that recycling machinery can process them properly, otherwise they will go undetected and unprocessed. They can even go on and cause a jam on the machinery. Do not place the lid in your recycling bin if you determine it as too small.

Another thing to check: they should also have Plastic Identification Code 1, 2, 3 and 5 so you can  recycle them. Should they have a different code than those mention, place them in you rubbish bin instead.


What about squeeze pouches?

Aside from the usual tubs, yoghurt can also be contained inside squeeze pouches. The question is, is that type of yoghurt container recyclable?


Important Note: As of 9 November 2022, REDcycle is on a temporary pause. 


The answer is yes, but you cannot recycle them in your kerbside bin. You can recycle them by looking for specially marked bins at selected Woolworths and Coles supermarkets. Via the REDCycle program, you – the consumers, in general – can easily recycle plastic bags and packaging of all kinds to keep them out of landfill.

Reminders from REDcycle: we are not able to accept materials in black (or dark green) garbage bags. The supermarket staff nor our drivers can easily see the contents of the bags, meaning that they cannot easily detect whether or not they contain any contaminants/garbage. In relation to individual pieces of black soft plastic (and black bags that do not contain other soft plastic packaging), these are fine to REDcycle, just please cut to A3 size pieces or smaller.

Other examples of items you can REDcycle:

  • Plastic sachets
  • Potting mix and compost bags – both the plastic and woven polypropylene types (cut into A3 size pieces and free of as much product as possible)
  • Rice bags – both plastic and the woven type (if large, cut into A3 size pieces)
  • Green bags (woven polypropylene bags)
  • Cereal box liners

Check out REDcycle’s website for more information.


Recyclable yoghurt containers should be cleaned

Sadly, a lot of people still throw their containers – yoghurt containers included – in the recycling bin with food or liquid contents still in them. The food and liquid contents inside containers can contaminate a whole batch of recyclable items, costing lots of money and resulting in them going into landfill.

First and foremost, ensure recycling by emptying the containers before placing them in the recycling bin. Remember: yoghurt containers with food contents still inside are not recyclable unless you clean them up.

Wash yoghurt containers. Use your leftover dishwashing water. Washing yoghurt containers will help them become recyclable. You can also place them in your dishwasher. Do you have a pet cat or dog in the house? If you do, you can give the leftover contents to them, Let them lick out the containers as a treat. Your pets will love it, and it will also save you some money for water utility bills.

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Are yoghurt containers recyclable? We give our final words for this blog

Some places in Australia do whilst some others don’t. To discover if your area does, simply contact your local council to ask if they do.


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