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Australian waste management

Dear Business Owner Or Manager

Australian waste management: If you are a business owner or manager – you may be looking for smart ways to save money on your commercial bin hire and collections – and boost recycling at the same time.

Whether you are a cafe owner, run an office – or manage a factory – waste management costs are increasing all the time (year on year) – so it is vital to arrange both reliable (on time and as scheduled) and also low cost waste management and recycling services for your business.


How can Waster help with your business waste collections and commercial waste removal services? Waster really is different to other Australian waste management companies.

We are focused on small and medium companies – so we know exactly the type of challenges you face and the services that you require to boost your recycling performance and keep bin collection costs as low as possible.

We provide all waste and recycling services available in the Australian market – covering all your regular bin services such as general waste bin hire, cardboard recycling, commingled bin collections for bottles and cans. 

Waster also provides other vital Australian waste management services such as grease trap cleaning, sanitary bin services for bathrooms and organic food waste collections. With Waster – you can access all the niche recycling services that were previously only available to major corporate customers.

The best bit is that we operate on flexible 30 day agreements – so you never need to sign a long term contract or face hidden rollover clauses again for your commercial waste bin hire or rubbish removal services.

Waster provides all standard Australian bin sizes – from 240 litre wheelie bins for general waste collections – the standard wheelie bin size – up to 4.5 cubic metre metal front lift bins suitable for larger businesses.

What is included in our commercial waste management services? Waster offers comprehensive waste management and recycling services for small and medium business customers. 

We aim to boost your recycling as much as possible to keep your general waste costs down.

Unlike other Australian waste management companies – we do not operate landfills or facilities – and so are not financial incentivised to continue dumping at landfill.

With Waster – we do not charge hidden extras for rubbish removal bins – we provide the waste bin free of charge – and there is no delivery fee. We just charge the agreed collection fee – each time the bin is emptied.

We operate on flexible 30 day agreements – if it does not work out for you or you need to cancel services for whatever reason – you can cancel by providing 30 days notice – and there is no cancellation or bin removal fee.

smart business waste services

Waster provides cheap waste bin services with no hidden fees!

As a stressed business owner or manager - you have lots more things to be doing every day than worrying about bin services - and if you are paying too much. Whether you are looking for general waste dumpster collections, garbage bins or rubbish removal services - Waster can help!

You can easily arrange all your required private bin collection services and recycling collections online with Waster - and not worry about multiple suppliers or being locked into a contract that does not suit you.

Whether you require general waste bins for your garbage, or a recycling solution such as soft plastic or cardboard etc - we are here to help!


Boosts recycling

Waster does not operate landfills so is not incentivised to continue dumping general waste. Our main way of reducing your waste management costs is by boosting your business recycling and reducing general waste. It keeps your costs down, our profits up and helps the environment!


low bin collection prices

We price match on like for like bin collection services. Waster will price match like for like quotes for your general waste and other waste services such as grease trap cleaning. You can have confidence you are getting the best rates!
waste and rubbish removal bin collections


30 day agreements

No need to sign a long term or multi year contract for Australian waste management. All our commercial waste collection and trash removal are on flexible 30 day rolling month to month agreements. You can cancel at any time - by giving us 30 days notice. Say goodbye to rollover clauses!


all waste & recycling services

Arrange all your rubbish removal and recycling bins and other waste services through Waster. Bundle your services with us and save even more. We can even change the trucking company if for some reasons services are not as reliable as expected.

We work with small companies - and famous names …

Yes, I Know What I Am Looking For - Take Me Straight To The Commercial Bin Hire Options, Sizes And Price!

If you already know what sort of bin services that you need to arrange for your  business -you will be wanting to know the price and service details.

We provide all bin sizes from standard rear lift bin sizes  – 240 litre general waste bins up to large 4.5 cubic metre metal front lift bins (sometimes called dumpsters). For general waste – the price per collection varies on your business type – i.e. the heavier the general waste – the more expensive. This is because general waste is charged on a per tonne basis at landfill. For bin collections – we provide flat pricing across metro regions – at the varying weights – or densities.

Pricing is very straightforward for Australian waste management – a 240 litre general waste bin collected once a week for an office business in Melbourne metro region (for example) costs  $12.00+GST per service for scheduled services (as at April 2019) . Pricing is provided in our online portal for all bin sizes including 240 litre, 660 litre, 1100 litre, 1.5 cubic metre, 3.0 cubic metre and 4.5 cubic metre.

There are no other fees or charges for your general waste or recycling bin services. The service fees includes delivery of the general waste bin. We do not charge bin rentals, site fees, enviro fees etc. We can also provide you with a bin padlock if required – useful if on a busy street etc. to stop passers by from dumping in your bin!

Our waste bins service guarantee – if you are unhappy with our service for any reason – you can cancel at any time on 30 days notice. You will never be locked into a service that does not work for you.

Our rubbish removal bin cost price match guarantee – we will match any written or emailed “like for like” quote for the waste services we quote on. You can be confident that you are receiving excellent pricing from Waster as well as excellent service.

After set up  – we will confirm service day – most Australian garbage collection services run over night -so the bin should be left out for collection the night before. 

Everything you need to know before booking industrial rubbish bin services

Get your free PDF download covering everything a smart business owner or manager needs to know before booking Australian waste management.
Learn to spot common mistakes - and also know the questions you should ask any general waste bin collection and disposal company.


Why choose

garbage collection bins and dumpsters

Waster is fundamentally different to other Australian rubbish and waste removal companies in a number of ways. We are focused exclusively on small and medium companies – so we know exactly the types of challenges you face and the business objectives that you have,

We offer all waste and recycling services available in the various cities throughout Australia – from Bendigo to Canberra, and Perth to the Gold Coast (not just general waste bin collections – the type of services that were previously only available to major multinationals and large chains.

Even the smallest Aussie business can now access organic food waste, soft plastic as well as cardboard, medical waste, confidential paper etc. and of course general waste services.

We work with our clients to reduce costs – usually by boosting your recycling bin services (so you avoid landfill levies wherever possible) but also by stripping away extra and unwelcome charges such as bin rentals, site fees, environmental fees etc. – the list goes on and on! We usually start with cardboard bins, then implement commingled and finally organic waste services when it is suitable.

Whether you are a brand new startup – or have been in business a long time – we can help you save money, help the environment and improve your flexibility.

We look for ways to keep your costs low -whether it is adding a new recycling service – or changing general waste bin sizes or service days for garbage pick up.

Contact us today to get started!


WARNING: Before you book your commercial waste bin hire pickups with Waster – think –  do you have other waste management and recycling services with different providers that we can help you with today?

Nearly every small or medium company has general waste bins (the red bin), other recycling bins such as commingled recycling for bottles and cans or organic food waste bin services. Whether you are a small office, a retail store or a factory – you will likely require additional trash removal and recycling services.

If you have many different waste suppliers providing various services – you are likely paying way too much – and can save money today!

At Waster – we work with small and medium Aussie companies to boost their recycling (such as organic food waste recycling) and reduce their total costs for commercial waste removal and recycling. Ask us for a quote for your other services also.

By bundling your various services with Waster – we are able to offer further discounts on our already low service charges – sometimes as much as 20% additional discounts.

Australian waste management
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