Bamboo Products 🎍: Is there any good in using bamboo-based products? More and more people seem to buy them as substitutes nowadays – ranging from cutlery to toothbrushes. Discover the answer by reading this blog. 


What do you think of when you see bamboo or bamboo shoots? Most likely, you might think of cute pandas on a Youtube video trying to munch these suckers. I have certainly watched videos like that (in unhealthy amounts, might I add). Who could resist those cute pandas?


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But steering the topic back on track, bamboo has become a staple of sustainability these past few years. And let me just say that we could use a bit more sustainability especially nowadays. With all of the “non-green” things happening around, I would especially appreciate some good news – with the good news being the discovery of sustainable practices.


And, bamboo products are now the talk of the town when it comes to sustainability! Waster will discuss everything about it in the following sections below.


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The importance of bamboo products


More and more people (including I) are doing everything they can in their power to lessen their environmental impact. In our attempt to live sustainably, we have come across many practices such as reducing the use of plastic or recycling simple or tricky products.


The usage of bamboo products has definitely risen. This fast-growing grass (yes – it is a type of grass, not a plant) made its way to the top as the eco-friendly product you just have to use. Some may not believe that and refute the claim, citing it as rather ancient, therefore doubting its viability. But that could not be further from the truth!


Benefits you can expect from bamboo products


There are loads of benefits to be enjoyed when you use eco-friendly bamboo products at the comfort of your home or the likes. Below, we will enumerate some of its strong points:


It is a very durable product. Of course, what is the point of it being sustainable if it cannot last you a long time, right? Even as fairly light material, it is still three times stronger than timber. It is also a stronger material than oak. Additionally, it has an amazing tensile strength (i.e. the capability to take the pressure, force, or the likes from stretching without breaking). Furthermore, they are easy to take care of, with it being UV resistant and rot-resistant amongst other strengths.


It is fast-growing. Some plants or grasses grow slowly, while others grow faster than the others. In this case, bamboo, compared to its other counterparts, grow a tad bit faster, ready for harvesting and usage. Therefore, we can consider it as a renewable resource – a rapid one, at that! To answer the question on how fast it grows, bamboo typically matures after about 4 to 5 years, with some reaching at 7 years. I can definitely see why bamboo products are sustainable because of this reason.


It looks expensive. But, not in the sense of vanity. Rather, it leans more on the “comfortable” side. Bamboo, when turned into textile, is softer than cotton. Imagine the comfort of that, right? Furthermore, they are more absorbent than those of cotton products. As a blog on Ecomall said, “Bamboo looks like expensive Pima or Egyptian cotton and drapes like silk. It has less shrinkage than cotton and does not pill. It has been described as feeling like pure cashmere”.


What about the environmental benefits?


Aside from the benefits mentioned above, bamboo products also have their environmental benefits, hence the reason for this blog’s conception and creation. Let us state some environmental benefits below:




As stated above, bamboo grass typically matures fast. Judging it as fairly strong and resilient, there is no need for harmful chemicals like pesticides and insecticides to protect it. Bugs and insects do not have a particular interest in bamboos. Therefore, they can be grown even without the aid of these chemicals. People can grow them the natural way, which can help the planet quite a bit in the lessening of environmental impacts.


Keeping the soil alive


Using bamboo products encourage the planting of bamboos, and planting bamboos encourage soil regeneration. Soil can be easily damaged by a number of harmful practices such as using chemicals, not to mention dumping rubbish, resulting in pollution. Bamboos can help with that. It can thrive in rather extreme environments. Furthermore, it can regenerate the topsoil and remove unwanted toxin found in the soil.


A more breathable air


As we have studied in our science or biology classes, botanical specimens usually take in CO2 or carbon dioxide while producing oxygen for humans and other animals to breathe in, in turn. This process by them is called photosynthesis. Amazingly, bamboos can take in four times the amount than trees. Talk about a very nifty grass! Personally, it gives off a swiss knife vibe with its many benefits in just this aspect.


Less water required


If you read in the statements above, I have stated that bamboo has the ability to grow in somewhat extreme environments. In saying this, it is also true that it can grow in places without much water to nourish it. This means that in growing bamboo, you do not need that much amount of freshwater – a valuable resource on Earth.


Examples of eco-friendly wood products


There are many bamboo-based products we have currently. Examples include cutlery, q-tips, fabrics, toothbrushes, and even bicycles manufactured in the Philippines! They are all manufactured using sustainable practices.


With this, we can definitely conclude that bamboo products are vital for a more sustainable living.


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