Bin Collection Brisbane: Waster is always interested in new initiatives and projects to help boost recycling and improve resource recovery throughout Australia – of course we would like to also reduce costs to customers at the same time.


In today’s blog we will be covering a new project by Planet Ark to add a recycling label to products in Australia – explaining what goes into them – we have covered the issues caused by not knowing what is in products in our blogs on recycling Melbourne and garbage bins.


This is of increasing importance due to the ongoing environmental pollution issues caused by irresponsible waste management and illegal dumping.


Plastic waste is becoming a huge problem globally – which we have covered in depth recently.


As these new labels will greatly clarify what can – and what can not be recycle, we really look forward to their introduction.


How Waster can help small Aussie businesses


Waster offers low cost waste and recycling (such as bin collection Brisbane) to small and medium Australian businesses.


We provide all rubbish collection services such as paper cardboard bins, green waste bins, general waste and niche services such as sanitary services and medical / clinical waste bins.


As all our services are provided on flexible 30 day agreements – you will never need to sign a multi year contract or worry about hidden roll over clauses again.


You can check out your options and bin sizes online through our waste shop – confident with our flexible 30 day agreements.


Bin collection Brisbane – reducing waste with proper labelling


One of the biggest hindrances to recycling more and reducing waste going to landfill – is not knowing if something can be recycled or not – we have seen this issue on the War On Waste TV show relating to takeaway coffee cups.


A take away coffee cup such as those sold millions of times daily throughout our cities – is made of many components. This makes it extremely difficult to efficiently recycle.


In many areas – the advice is simply to dispose of these cups in general waste bins. This obviously is a terrible outcome for the environment. Especially when you consider that you only took a minute to drink your morning brew.


Planet Ark is working on producing a labelling system – we quote below:


The Australian Recycling label provides you with easy to understand recycling information when you need it most. In those few seconds when you are deciding what bin the package goes in. The ARL is evidence based allowing brand owners to confidently label their products, assisting their customers to dispose of the product correctly and efficiently.”

Bin collection Brisbane


“The ARL is designed to be easy to understand. It shows what needs to be done with each piece of a package to dispose of it in the best way. The information is conveyed through a combination of well-known symbols and simple descriptions.”


“Each label has a number of parts and there can be up to three labels next to each other on a package. The word at the top of each label indicates what piece of the packaging the label is referring too.”


Will it apply to council as well as commercial rubbish bins?


As the labels will appear on products – in the near future we would expect to see recycling behaviour change for residential kerbside collections also.


Brisbane City Council has recently awarded a new multi year tender for bin collection days. We will wait to see if the recycling approach changes to reflect this on the bin collection calendar.






We at Waster think this is a great idea – and should boost recycling and reduce general waste for bin collection Brisbane costs as it is rolled out.


Of course – this can only work as part of a joined up and smart waste management strategy for the city of Brisbane. Labels on packaging will only benefit the environment if easily accessible recycling bins and options are also available for residents and businesses.


Government intervention will be required in light of the increasing difficulties caused by China restricting importation of waste and recycling.


See blog on ban on plastic bags in recycle Brisbane.


Tech is moving very fast in this space – check out the new 3d printer machine that promises to recycle garbage.


Check out a video as below showing how one major Australian business is proposing to work with the new recycling labels: