Bin Collection Sydney: Sydney metro is jam packed full of office blocks and many of these businesses have common waste and recycling requirements.

The good thing about these type of businesses – is that offices (or a home office) can easily reduce their bin collection Sydney requirements by putting in place a common sense waste management plan and implementing simple solutions such as cardboard recycling or commingled recycling for bottles and cans.

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Can you reduce bin collection Sydney for your office – with simple tips!

We all know offices are looking for simple ways to reduce waste – as the concept of the paperless office has been harder to achieve that expected.

We list here some great tips on how to reduce office waste from the website – you can check out the article here for a full listing.

We pick a few of the ideas as below:

  1. Use both sides of paper: When making copies, set your machine to use both sides of paper and cut your consumption in half.
  2. Offer paper recycling: Put a paper recycling receptacle next to every printer, copier and fax machine so that employees can deposit unwanted paper in them. Discuss recycling with your cleaning crew or appoint a person to bring your paper to a recycling center each week.
  3. Avoid color printing: Color printing generally uses more ink, so print in black and white when you can.
  4. Store manuals, policies and other documents online: Don’t print out huge employee handbooks. Allow employees to access PDF copies at their leisure.
  5. Offer a bonus for green commuters: If employees agree to walk, bike, or take public transportation to work, offer them a small bonus for encouragement.
  6. Recycle floppy disks: Turn your old floppy disks into a pen cup or other useful storage unit.
  7. Recycle your e-waste.: Cell phones, computers, printers and other equipment can often be recycled. Look for recycling programs in your area that accept these kinds of materials.
  8. Buy for quality: When shopping for computers, buy units that will last and avoid becoming obsolete too quickly. This way, you’ll avoid contributing to e-waste.
  9. Buy local, organic coffee and tea: If you provide coffee or tea service to employees, be sure that it’s local and organic to reduce your environmental impact.

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Conclusion on bin collection Sydney:

We all know office life can be tough (if you can not convince your boss to let you work remotely) – what with politics etc. However, an office can easily recycle the vast majority of its waste – with the application of some simple steps.

By following a simple plan for bin collection Sydney – you can progressively achieve almost 100% recycling rates.

This sort of program can engage your staff and build a sense of doing the right thing in an office. Waster is currently moving offices to a new green location.

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Check out the short video below which gives ideas and motivation on how to start and boost recycling in your office   – or maybe the opposite!

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