Bin services: at Waster we are always advocating that you can boost recycling rates if you make it the easy (or at least convenient) thing for your staff to do. Recycling rates can drop – if you have to walk a long distance to a recycling bin. In these scenarios – people will often take the easy option and dump bottles or cans in general waste. There are real benefits to doing the right thing such as seeing significantly lower bin services costs on an ongoing basis.


Waster offers a real alternative for bin services to small and medium Australian companies. We make it easy to book and manage your required general waste bin collection and recycling bin services – as well as all niche services such a liquid waste, sanitary bin and confidential paper. You can check out all your bin services options by pressing the blue button below:


Bin services – how smart positioning of bins can boost recycling!


In – they recently covered key trends in the future of trash and bin services. One of the key trends was how smart positioning of bins can really help boost recycling rates. From our own experience – commingled recycling bins in sports events and conferences are very often contaminated with general waste. This leads to much lower recycling rates.


General waste bin services


As per the article:


“If you’re in the park, and you’ve just finished up your bottle of water, do you throw it in a garbage can, or do you hold onto it until you finding a recycling bin? It’s certainly not convenient to hold on to it, but Staley says some people are socially and environmentally conscious enough to do just that, and an EREF grant is out to WeRecycle at the University of Georgia to analyze this very phenomenon — how human behavior influences recycling rates.”


“The research involves GPS-equipped readers on trash cans that send a signal conveying how many bottles have been thrown out in that can. All of the data from the study is wired up to a website, so you can click on a map and see where all the cans are and see the recycling rates at each one. The results will help determine where recycle bins should be placed in order to maximize recycling rates. WeRecycle also has an Android app that helps people find the nearest trash and recycling bins, which is especially useful at big events and parades.”


“In dense urban areas, only 20% of recyclable bottles are actually recycled, says Staley, suggesting that a few strategically placed bins could go a long way. He adds that most people consume bottled water when they’re on the go, and if there’s no recycling bin on the street or in a park, then that bottle is likely not going to get recycled.”


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