Brisbane Garbage Collection: At Waster – we are always trying to keep abreast of the lastest developments in waste services and recycling.  Waster has been described as the Uber of Waste by publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age due to our innovative approach to Brisbane garbage collection. In this blog we will cover an interesting development in metro Brisbane that could see waste being sucked underground through a huge scale garbage chute system – rather than being collected by bins at all.


Whilst current garbage collection system processes commonly use garbage chute systems in high rise blocks – this one is very different to anything we have seen in Australia before.


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Brisbane garbage collection – Brisbane looks to the future with high tech solution for the CBD


In our recent blog on Melbourne waste management– we looked at ongoing trends to improving sustainability of major Australian cities.


According to “Brisbane’s Queens Wharf resort along George St and the South Brisbane peninsula could go wheelie-bin free. Envac, the Swedish company soon to build an automatic, underground recycling system on 52 hectares in Maroochydore, said its system “would revolutionise” old fashioned waste collection in Australia.”


This system will replace the need for collections of literally thousands of underground waste bins.


integrated waste systems


We quote from the interesting article below: “in Australia, it is rather strange that the waste collection has remained “conventional” for so many years.”


Mr Ha said his company had been in discussions with private developers in southern cities, but the Maroochydore project was the first big-scale project in Australia.


He said the system involved sensors that automatically empty waste tubes during the day and vary the speed of the waste drawn by vacuum through the network, to fix blockages.


Brisbane should quickly test the underground waste bins, pneumatic tube waste system – replacing wheelie bins – being installed in the new Maroochydore project, Greens councillor Jonathan Sri said.


 “When you think how much petrol is burned and how energy is wasted with our current approach to collecting waste, it is clear we should be doing something more sustainable,” Cr Sri said.


“I think this solution looks really cool and I would really like to see it trialled as part of redevelopment somewhere in the inner-city,” he said.



The ABC reports that this huge garbage chute system will be a key part of the new 53 hectare Maroochydore CBD and will see the city become one of the greenest and cleanest in the world.


Amazingly “waste would be transported from commercial buildings through waste chute systems and apartments at up to 70 kilometres per hour through a six-and-a-half-kilometre system of underground vacuum pipes.”


In a warm climate such as Queensland – it is expected to prevent odours and other issues such as vermin.


The estimated cost of the garbage waste chute system as per the ABC was $21m which would be charged back to users such as businesses and residents over the life of the project.


Conclusion on future Brisbane garbage collection:

It certainly is an interesting concept and one we will be sure to keep up to date with. Check out other topics such as waste management Brisbane or rubbish removal Brisbane for other related info.


Whilst integrated waste systems of this type may seem like science fiction in 2019 – they use tested and proven systems – and we think it is a great waste management innovation.


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