If there is one thing all Aussies can agree on – it is that coffee is becoming a key component of our day to day rituals and lifestyle. Whether you favour a long black, a flat white or something that bit more fancy – most of us start our day with a coffee. In today’s blog we will cover what every cafe owner or manager should know about their cafe grease trap – to ensure that the environment stays nice and clean – and customers keep on coming back every day.


At waster.com.au we often receive calls from cafe owners and staff in a panic as their cafe grease trap is either overflowing or smelling and driving customers away. This can be particularly damaging to a business during the peak of the summer season.


Waster provides all the waste services and recycling collections that cafes and restaurants require – covering cardboard, commingled recycling, sanitary bins for your bathrooms, general waste and of course your cafe grease trap cleaning. You can give us a call or check all your prices now through our online waste shop:


How to ensure your cafe grease trap does not impact your business!


Your cafe grease trap is one of those things – that if maintained on a regular schedule – it should cause no real issues, and will not impact your business in any way.


What is a grease trap: A grease trap is a system to prevent grease and food waste from clogging up the waster pipes in your business and the wider water network. It prevents the grease from entering the pips and is mandatory in Australian cities for businesses serving food. The trap filters the grease as it goes down the sink.


Cafe grease trap cleaning services


On a regular schedule a grease trap cleaning company like Waster – will come and pump out the traps contents – so it does not become blocked.


How often should it be cleaned: this frequency is set by your local water authority – who will do a calculation based on the food you serve, how big your cafe is and the size of your trap. In most areas – servicing will be every few months.


Why does it overflow: your cafe grease trap can overflow for two main reasons:

1 – The first issue is when the cafe grease trap has not been cleaned according to the schedule and becomes filled up solid with grease. Oily water then gets forced out the top. This can be a real issue if the trap is inside (for example in a kitchen area.


2 – The second less common issue is if there is a plumbing blockage somewhere in the piping system.



In the same way that it is sensible practise to have your car maintained at the mechanics every few months – having your cafe grease trap cleaned in line with the set schedule will save you lots of stress and money in the long run.


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