Can I Recycle Detergent Bottles? ♻️: In this blog, we will answer the question “Can I recycle detergent bottles?” We will also cover what steps you should follow afterwards if you can indeed recycle detergent bottles. Finally, we will emphasise the importance of recycling to encourage everyone to do it as often as possible. Continue reading this blog to learn more.


Unfortunately, a lot of people still get confused about recycling. We will still see many recyclables residing in landfill, mainly because of the lack of knowledge people have when it comes to recycling. Then, we have something that is honestly worse – ‘wishing’ for an item to be recycled, thereby throwing it in the recycling bin without having any prior knowledge if you can or can’t recycle it (we have a term for that: wishcycling).

And for that reason, we want to remove or lessen confusion when it comes to recycling by producing information-filled blogs. In this blog, we will try and see if we can indeed recycle detergent bottles. Plenty of our readers have asked this question in the past – and they still do so today.

So below, read and see what you can do with your detergent bottles. No need to clutter them at your home! We have the solution for you, so read on to learn more.

Short answer: an easy yes. You can easily recycle detergent bottles.

– Mr Waster


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So, can I recycle detergent bottles? Waster answers your question!

“Can I recycle my detergent bottles?” This question has popped in so many people’s minds already. But quite frankly, the answer to this question is simple.

Yes, you can easily consider detergent bottles as recyclable! Because of its rigidity (until very high temperatures, of course), we can consider detergent bottles as recyclable and put them to your kerbside recycling bin for households. So, no need to place them in your household rubbish or general waste bin. That would be quite a waste (pun totally not intended).

In fact, you can recycle almost any plastic bottles and jugs, tubs and jars (i.e., any plastic type number) – not just detergent bottles (HDPE plastic).

Before recycling detergent bottles, make sure you do the following in order first. Empty the contents first. Then after you empty the detergent bottles, rinse it thoroughly. Next, when you see the detergent bottles clean, you can proceed to let it dry. Finally, you can now place them in your recycling bin! It is that easy. So, we would expect you to do this in the future and recycle detergent bottles instead of cluttering or, worse, placing them in the rubbish.

When you recycle your detergent bottles, do remember the following things: empty the bottles and separate the lid from the bottle before placing it into the bin.

With that said, can you recycle all plastic bottles? The answer to that would be no. Depending on their contents, you may or may not recycle a particular plastic bottle.

For example, you cannot recycle plastic bottles, tubs or tubes containing harmful pesticides, hazardous materials and plastic bottles with motor oil contents inside. This may depend on where you live, however. So, you should still contact your local council and ask what to do with these mentioned plastic bottle products.


A few reasons why you should recycle

Those who asked the question “Can I recycle detergent bottles?” or other similar questions warrant some respect because they showed concern for the environment.

Now, why do you think we need to recycle? Of course, plenty already know the answer to this question. But still, there might be some that needs a bit of a motivation to improve their recycling efforts, and that motivation might come from this blog.

You should recycle because of the following reasons:

  • Recycling fights off pollution. Instead of recyclables being scattered across the street, we see them having a purpose again in the market. In addition, recycling means that the recyclable product will not end up in landfill.
  • We lessen our need for raw, virgin materials. Raw materials nowadays are getting scarcer by the minute, so recycling products is a good way to reduce our need for raw, virgin materials.
  • Instead of exhausting more energy than usual extracting raw materials and transporting them to manufacturers, recycling can help exhaust lesser energy.
  • We can use products to their full potential with recycling.


Now that you know you can recycle detergent bottles, remember this when recycling plastic in general!

Now that we have answered your question “Can I recycle detergent bottles?” we want you to remember this when recycling plastic.


Important Note: As of 9 November 2022, REDcycle is on a temporary pause. 


Generally, plenty of areas will accept plastics of all types. However, do take note that you usually cannot place soft plastics in your recycling. But, you can send them to the REDcycle program. Click the link provided so you can see what items you can send them. As to the question “where can you send them?”, you can send them to participating supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles.


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