Can Pillows Go In Recycling Bin? πŸ›οΈ: Have some old pillows at your house you do not use anymore? If so, what can you do with them? Can you recycle them or not? We will answer all these questions here. Read on to learn more.

Trust me when I say that I need complete sleep to function like a normal human being. Quite frankly, almost all of us do, in fact. But when you grow older, it can often become quite difficult to get a good night’s rest due to numerous factors. Thinking of work, family, other people or experiencing problem/s can take a toll on your mind and body, therefore depriving you of a good sleep.

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What can help a person sleep better varies, but getting good materials for a more comfortable sleep is one of the more popular remedies. Basically, we think everyone needs good sleeping materials to sleep better. This includes having an adequate-sized bed, complemented with sheets to keep you warm and pillows for more comfort.

Pillows, specifically, are a huge help in gaining a good night’s rest. For a long period of time, it can provide people the comfort that they need to get better sleep. However, through the years, they endure wear and tear – until one day, they have served their purpose and must now be changed.


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So… can you throw your old pillows in a recycling bin?

A while back, we have already given you a number of options you can do with your mattress. This time, we focus on something a bit smaller but also has a significant impact on the environment if not thrown properly: pillows.

Typically, you can use pillows for well over a year before finally exhausting and needing to replace them with fresh, new pillows. You, of course, then proceed to buy the best pillows you can find. This is good and all, but what happens to your old ones?

It is important to also find a way to deal with your pillows whilst ensuring they do not go to landfills. Now, onto the main question: can you throw them in a recycling bin?

The answer to that varies. Pillows have textile covers that are indeed recyclable.

However, the answer to the question really depends on whether or not your local council and recycling facility accept them. Typically, they can if they have the budget and means to do so. To put it simply, they possess the technology and personnel to separate the recyclable textile from other materials that a pillow has.


A reminder

Do not, I repeat, do not throw your old pillows into your recycling bin if you are unsure whether they are accepted or not. Consult with your local council first before doing anything else. Doing so might contaminate a batch of recyclables – especially if undetected. Call them and ask if you can put your pillows into the recycling bin. If they do not, listen and do not throw them.

Additionally, you should check the condition of your old pillows if they do indeed accept them. If they are filled with stains or other foreign, hard-to-remove elements, it is best to not even bother throwing pillows into the recycling bin and focus on other ways to deal with them.

Below, we enumerate some options that you can do to “recycle” your pillow if you do not have the option of throwing it in the recycling bin.


Other options if you cannot put your old pillows in the recycling bin

Here, we provide you with other ways to deal with your old pillow to declutter your house whilst helping the environment simultaneously.


  1. Give them to the less fortunate. Before considering or sticking with this option, we suggest that you assess the state of your pillow first and make sure that it is still an optimal option. With that said, you can opt to donate your pillows to the less fortunate. Not only do you have more space in your house, but you also have helped others! Donate old pillows to charities. Give your pillows to someone who needs them more.
  2. Upcycling them is also a good option. You can check out some ideas when you browse sites such as Pinterest. You can find ideas to do with your old pillows such as transforming them into dresses, tote bags and even draperies. Personally, though, I would instead upcycle my old pillows and turn them into a resting spot for my dog. That is an idea you can do, as well!
  3. Compost them. This option is a bit uncommon but certainly possible. You can very much compost pillows just like cardboard. Just make sure to take out the unnecessary stuff such as the covers (which you can put in recycling bins) and/or cases.


Conclusion in pillows going in the recycling bin

Recycling does not have to be too confusing. Almost everything, even pillows, can get recycled just by a bit of research and asking. After all of those, do your thing and act right away!


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