Can You Recycle Bleach Bottles? ♻️ There are always common misconceptions about recycling. One such famous misconception is the recyclability of bleach bottles – a plastic bottle that contains bleach used for cleaning. Can you go out of your way to recycle bleach bottles? Waster will discuss everything in this blog.

Recycling remains as one of the best helpers of the environment. Every one of us concerned for the environment has a recycling routine to combat waste from going into landfills or making its way to the ocean, streets, or the likes. Waster promotes this idea by informing and sharing blogs on how you can recycle certain items.

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However, this only becomes helpful if you recycle the right way. Despite our best efforts, there are still some common misconceptions about recycling. In this blog, we will discuss one misconception about recycling, namely detergent bottle recycling. Read on to find out if you can recycle bleach bottles or not.


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What is the common misconception of trying to recycle bleach bottles?

Now, why do you think some label or think of bleach bottles as unrecyclable?

Of course, one would first think about its contents inside. The contents inside can indeed ruin the recyclability of a material. For example, pizza boxes smeared with grease are more often than not deemed unrecyclable, although some places do recycle them.

As a result, not enough plastic bottles (bleach bottles included) are recycled. Many are still thrown in the rubbish bin and left to rot in landfills, unfortunately. One reason Waster created this blog is to boost recycling.

Bleach bottles, in particular, contain harsh chemicals, hence the hesitation of many to recycle it. However, you can still recycle bleach bottles provided that you remove the contents inside. In other words, make sure the bottle/s is/are empty before recycling.

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How are the bleach bottles cleaned before recycling?

You now know that you can indeed recycle bleach or cleaning product bottles: by cleaning it thoroughly. The question is: how is a bleach bottle cleaned before recycling?

First, you have to empty the bottles. Make sure that the bleach bottles are clear of their original contents before chucking it down the recycling bin. The harsh chemicals stored inside the bottles might ruin the recyclables, so it is best to empty them.

After emptying the bleach bottles, replace the lid for it to be properly recycled. With all of these processes done, you can now safely recycle bleach bottles. Recycling facilities usually transform plastic bleach bottles into recycled watering cans.


Why recycle bleach bottles?

The main reason why you should recycle bleach bottles is to sustain the environment. We manufacture products from virgin products all of the time. As a result, products accumulate which most of the time turns into waste just thrown into landfills.

Additionally, the use of virgin products consumes natural resources and energy makes this practice unsustainable in the long run. By recycling, we require less for production.


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To conclude: can you recycle bleach bottles?

We need to remove the misconception that bleach bottles are unrecyclable.

As already mentioned above, you can recycle your bleach bottles. You only have to make sure the bottles have no content inside. Furthermore, make sure to replace the lid it has.

With this, we would definitely want to see an increase in bleach bottle recycling operations. Throwing them in the rubbish bin and sending them into a landfill will be bad for both the environment and the economy. After all, we are aiming for a circular or closed-loop economy instead of a linear one. These are all taken into account for in building a more sustainable environment.

It would definitely benefit us more if we find ourselves repurposing used products instead of producing over and over again single-used ones.


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