Can You Recycle Or Compost Vacuum Dust? 💨: In this blog, we discover our best options to dispose of vacuum dust the correct way. Is it possible to compost vacuum dust? Or is it a better option to recycle it? What options do you have if none of the mentioned are available? Discover what to do with vacuum dust with the help of our blog.

Short answer: recycling is out of the question. However, composting vacuum dust is wholly dependent on what you gather in your vacuum. 

– Mr Waster

Whenever you have free time in your house without anything urgent to do, how do you spend your time? I know plenty of our readers will answer cleaning (or even deep cleaning) houses. Do not worry – you are not alone! I pretty much clean everything around the house on a more frequent basis than most.

Cleaning, in particular, has been ingrained to us, so it is an activity that should be done and not be avoided. Let me tell you: no one, and I mean NO ONE, likes having a dirty house full of debris such as cobwebs, dirt, dust and other types of unpleasant things that ruins your house’s beauty and most especially cleanliness.

I do, after all, believe the notion that how clean you are with your house reflects your personality. So, I make it a habit to clean my house every now and then to remove any debris I can find with the help of my vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum dust disposal?

At first, I was unaware of how you can dispose of the vacuum dust gathered, although I did eventually learned how to through research. Plenty still may not know how to dispose of vacuum dust the correct way, but we have got you covered!

Below, we provide some insight on how you can get rid of vacuum dust correctly. Is it possible to compost vacuum dust? How about recycling it? What if these options are unavailable? Let us discover the answer below.


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Should you recycle or compost vacuum dust?

We will first proceed to answer the question “can you recycle vacuum dust?”

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You cannot recycle vacuum dust. The best option to do with them, as recycling is not available, is to place them in your general waste or household rubbish bin.

But what if you have a compost/organic waste bin? Is it possible to put your vacuum dust there? Or what if you want to compost vacuum dust yourself? Will it be possible?

The answer to that depends. Oftentimes, it is not possible. But sometimes it is. Let us elaborate further.

I know plenty of you have their own gardens in the front or backyard, with many knowing the importance of composting to attain better soil. And I obviously know that plenty of you would not be satisfied of just placing it in the rubbish bin. I would not be, either. I, like any other environmentally aware people, would exhaust all the possible options first before finally placing it in the rubbish bin and sending the vacuum dust to landfill.

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Composting, arguably a better option than recycling, is another option. Composting has many benefits like making the soil better, removing waste and plenty more. But alas, you have to remember a few pointers if you intend to compost your accumulated vacuum dust.

With all that said, composting vacuum dust’s possibility will depend on its composition. You would, of course, assume that you will get all organic and very much compostable materials when vacuuming such as hair and dead skin. However, do note that along with these, you will more than likely get a bit of synthetic fibres that you could never hope to compost. Take carpets as an example: when you use a vacuum on a carpet, you can get much more synthetic fibre lying around than usual.

As a result of the synthetic fibres mixing up with the organic materials lying on the floor, composting vacuum dust becomes impossible, or at the very least, difficult to do so. So what can you do then? Do you have any option of removing the synthetic fibres to compost vacuum dust successfully?


It is possible to compost vacuum dust if…

If you want to compost your gathered vacuum dust successfully, then you have to remember a few things.

First, you should make sure not to drop and lump the vacuum dust all up. What you should do is to mix the vacuum dust in the compost bin with a stick and water to ensure the dust mixes well with the other compostable materials in the bin.

Still, this is not a sure-fire way to 1oo per cent compost your vacuum dust. You, of course, still have to contact your local council and ensure that they can accept vacuum dust beforehand.


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