Can You Recycle Glossy Magazines? ๐Ÿ“ค: Should you aim to recycle your glossy magazines or just dispose of it in the rubbish or general waste bin? We will talk about that and more in this blog.ย 


Never mind the age of the internet โ€“ reading magazines is still a fun thing to do in this day and age. All through the years, I have gathered magazines of all types, trying to acquire knowledge on a certain topic or an industry I fondly follow. When I decide to pick one magazine up, I still see a lot of people lining up in the checkout area and buy pop culture glossy magazines.

Buying and collecting magazines gives you ‘fulfiling’ feeling that makes you want more, according to my experience. However โ€“ if you are like me โ€“ without you realising, you may have already accumulated too much magazines in your home or office. For example, you would discover old magazines lying around in the living room, magazines you have already read so many times and have no interest in. Time comes and you have too much magazines lying around. Your area already looks like a magazine factory! What should you do then?

Should you recycle your old, glossy magazines? Or, are there other viable ways to dispose of them? Below, we discover if we can recycle it or not. Read on to learn more.


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Yes, you can recycle glossy magazines!

If you are looking to recycle glossy magazines, then you should aim to do so. You do not have to dispose of them in your general waste bin. No pun intended, but that would be a real waste.

In general, you can recycle glossy paper such as that you can find in magazines, junk mail, brochures, business cards and more. You can all recycle those in your kerbside.

Glossy magazines, along with other glossy papers, usually get their shine from certain additives such as minerals or resins that goes into the gaps in paper fibres. As a result, this creates a smooth and shiny surface that gives the paper a glossy look and feel. Any kind of glossy paper, you can place in the recycling bin.


When can glossy magazines not be recycled?

You cannot just recycle glossy magazines, especially if you are unsure.

Of course, you first have to consult with your local council first. They might have certain rules and guidelines that translate to your glossy magazines’ recyclability. Even if you see most websites (including your own local council’s website) indicate that you can recycle glossy magazines, you should still choose to contact them first. Your local council’s website might be a bit outdated and rules and guidelines on glossy magazine recycling might have already changed.

Some locations might only accept glossy magazines that can be torn down. They might not accept those added with polymer coatings to make them more durable. Adding these make them unrecyclable as a result.


What about the staples?

You do not need to do anything other than to place glossy magazines in your recycling bin and remove some contents. In our blog titled “can you recycle magazines with staples?“, we state the following:

Technically, according toย Earth 911, you donโ€™t have to do anything with your magazines before recycling. Items such as staples, cardstock, and perfume samplesย need notย be taken away, as well as the cover and binding. Additionally, you should remove the plastic bag it came with; you should recycle them separately.

Very old magazines turning yellowish or tan, due to oxidation, should be put in the trash. That is because no recycling market exists to accommodate it.


magazines with staples recycling


Why you should recycle your glossy magazines

In Australia, Australian businesses and households combined produce more than a million tonnes of paper waste each year. That is a significant amount of paper waste and should be addressed properly.

So, we provide you with two heavy reasons why you should recycle your glossy magazines below.

  1. It provides your area with some much-needed space. Unbeknownst to others, space is one of the most valuable commodity you should have in your area. May it be in your house or office, you will always need space. Gathering too much will leave your area lacking of space. Recycling them should give you some breathing room and free up space.
  2. Recycling glossy magazines reduces pollution. Improper disposal of items will pollute the environment. Make sure to recycle your glossy magazines to reduce pollution.


Our final thoughts on this blog

You should always aim to recycle your glossy magazines. Just make sure to consult with your local council to learn if you can recycle them or not.

On a different note, not only do we do blogs, but we also create informative and interesting videos on YouTube. Watch our latest video discussing circular economy and recycling.


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