Can You Recycle Golf Balls? ⛳: Anyone can enjoy playing golf. The sport golf can be played either alone, with your friends, or even with anyone you want to play with!

Did you know that the sport golf started in the 15th century, with Scotland being its home? As such, the ball used for the sport consisted of many materials throughout its time; the modern golf ball today consists of rubber and plastic materials.

Like any other items, modern golf balls will grow old in time through wear and tear. When this does happen, what can you do with your old and used golf balls? Can you recycle them? Read on to learn more.

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How to recycle golf balls

Typically, you cannot put your golf balls in the recycling bins for kerbside collection because no recycling facilities exist to accommodate them (which also includes other sports items). But there are a number of ways you can deal with them in the “green” way.

As a result, for this blog, we will discuss the best possible options you can do with your golf balls.


Find someone to take them from you

The first option you can consider is to give them to someone who wants or needs them. A high school coach near you may want some spare golf balls so that he/she can train the students. That is just one example. You can find other interested people in golf in which you can give your golf balls.

Additionally, you can also give them to your golf-loving friends! This will not only rid you of the golf balls off your hands, but it will also make your friends happy.


Sell them

Additionally, you can even sell them! It is a win-win situation for you; you profit while decluttering your place. Furthermore, you make someone happy with your golf balls.

You can sell golf balls on Amazon or the like online. You can also sell them physically if you want.


Golf ball recycling companies

As I have mentioned above, you cannot recycle your golf balls by putting them into your recycling bins. However, there are some golf ball recycling companies that can take your used golf balls and process them for reselling.

One example is Rule 5 in Australia. Rule 5 mainly recovers, processes, and sells pre-owned golf balls all throughout Australia. Their buyers can enjoy high-quality, used golf balls manufactured by brands like Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, and Nike at a discounted price.


Recycled vs. refurbished golf balls

You might have encountered refurbished golf balls for sale once or twice by now. Do you know what the term “refurbished” means? Is this the same as recycled golf balls?

The answer to that is no. There is a difference. Let us discuss it with you in this section.

Essentially, refurbishing a golf ball means altering its components. In general, refurbished golf balls look as good as new, when in all actuality, they are old and used golf balls repainted after removing their outer layer.

On the other hand, recycled golf balls are bought and sold as they were found initially. Typically, the founder of the ball usually only cleans it with a cleaning agent and towel before selling or giving it away.

In essence, the main difference between a refurbished and recycled golf ball is the alteration. Refurbished golf balls mean altering the parts while the recycled ones mean keeping parts the same.


What should you go for?

Generally, here at Waster, we think of getting recycled golf balls as the better option between the two. Two reasons arise as to why we chose the recycled option.

First, it is much better for sustainability. As I have mentioned above, you only need to clean the golf ball/s before trying to give it or sell it to others. As such, the only downside we see to it is that there may be some undetected and hidden defects. But other than that, we think of recycled golf balls as the best option.

Conversely, we think of refurbished golf balls as the worse option between the two. As I have stated above, there are two reasons why.

First, you may find some refurbished golf balls a bit shady. Quoting Golf Sidekick, they stated that:

In general, you’re getting a recycled ball that’s been made a bit smoother with sandblasting and a new coat of paint plus a new stamp of the brand you’re looking for.

Now is that ball with the Pro V1 stamp on it, really a Pro V1? In other words, did they sandblast and repaint another brand and trick you into buying a fake Pro V1 by stamping it with Pro V1? Those are the questions I ask myself which means I don’t recommend playing refurbished balls.

In short, you may not get the performance you want with your golf balls because they have been refurbished to the point that their intended, original features that make them a must-have for golf enthusiasts have been removed.


Can you recycle golf balls? Conclusion

Currently, there is no way to recycle golf balls the usual way (i.e., disposing of them in the recycling bin). The best way to recycle golf balls is to give or sell them to someone interested.

Others also resort to refurbishing golf balls for sale. But there is a difference between refurbished and recycled. For Waster, the better option would be the recycled ones.


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