Can You Recycle Metal Jar Lids? 🫙: Are metal jar lids recyclable? This has been a frequently asked question by our readers, so we want to make our information more accessible, which resulted in this blog. Read on to learn how you can recycle your metal jar lids.

We now know for a fact that we can indeed recycle plastic bottle caps through a number of ways.

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But, our knowledge should not be limited to just that. We also need to find out all other recyclable items today.

Metal jar lids, in particular, piqued the interest of many. Many of our readers, who want to recycle to have a better environment, were quite unsure if they could or could not recycle these metal lids from glass containers. As a result, it became a question amongst our readers. We do not want them to ‘wishcycle‘ or blindly recycle what they want to recycle without ample information about their product, so we wrote this blog to help you dispose of your metal lids without compromising the environment.

Below, we debate about whether or not you can recycle metal jar lids. In addition, we will present what you need to do should recycling metal lids for glass containers be possible. Read on to learn more more.

Short answer: yes, you can recycle metal jar lids easily. You just have to remove it from the container first, which you can also, more often than not, recycle.

– Mr Waster


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Before we take you further into the discussion and determine whether or not you can recycle metal jar lids, along with discovering the best options to recycle them in a convenient and environmentally responsible way, we want to share Waster – waste and recycling provider – with you.

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The answer to whether or not you can recycle metal jar lids

Now, we finally attempt to answer the question: can you recycle metal jar lids?

The answer to that is: more often than not, you can. Of course, before you go on to recycle your metal lids, you make sure to remove them first from the container. In Australia, your local council would advise you to remove the metal lids from their containers, so you should make sure you do beforehand.

As a metal lid’s container is usually made of glass, you can recycle them easily by placing them in your household commingled recycling bin.

These metal twist lids, on the other hand, have two main options when it comes to recycling. You can either recycle metal jar lids in your household commingled recycling bin if your local council permits, or you can take and drop them off to a scrap metal recycling facility. Either way, these are strong options and really cannot go wrong picking one over the other.


Clean your metal jar lids before recycling

Just as you should rinse your containers before recycling, we encourage you to clean the lids, too. Before you recycle them, metal jar lids from your glass containers containing pasta sauce, strawberry jam or salsa (my favourite) should have its food residue removed. As you have made sure to remove them, you can then opt to place them into the recycling bin.


What about metal bottle tops?

Can metal bottle caps be recycled the same as metal jar lids? The answer to that is yes!

Take a look at an excerpt from our bottle top recycling:

Compared to plastic bottle caps, bottle tops made of metal and aluminium are easier and much more desirable to recycle. You just have to collect all metal and aluminium bottle caps and bottle tops in a container for later recycling.

Remember to seal your container tight to make sure that the bottle caps are properly stored to avoid jamming the machinery that processes the bottle tops.

How can you distinguish what type of material your bottle tops or wide lids are? For example, how can you know if your bottle tops are either aluminium or steel?

That is easy! Just get a magnet and use it on your bottle tops or lids. If the top or lid sticks, then it is steel. But if it does not and falls off, that means your bottle tops or lids are made of aluminium. There, you now know how to easily recycle metal jar lids and bottle tops!


Mixed recycling with Waster

Now that we have discussed whether or not you can recycle metal jar lids, we want to talk about something similar: recycling for businesses.

Businesses, as much as households or even more, need bin services to dispose of their cans, jars, bottles etc.

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The bin can contain containers such as glass bottles, tin cans, plastic milk containers, yoghurt pots. Just make sure to rinse them all before placing them in the bin. We strongly recommend having this type of recycling bin service – alongside cardboard and paper recycling bin service.

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