Can You Recycle Suitcases? ๐Ÿ’ผ: In this blog, we simply discuss whether or not you can recycle your suitcases. This topic includes the discussion of suitcases and luggage’s recyclability. Continue reading this blog to learn more.


From time to time (before the pandemic hit), I fell in love with travelling. I did not necessarily travel to other countries, but I did travel within my own country, which has a lot of beautiful and breathtaking places. Probably around once a month, I would go to either a different province or maybe even a different island to relax and take a much-needed break.

Of course, before setting out and immersing myself in the splendour of travelling, I first make sure to bring everything I need with me. Depending on where I go, I usually bring with me 2 sets of shirts, underwear and trousers for clothing. As for the other essentials, I bring toiletries, a phone, a charger, earphones and more. I fit them all in my old, trusty suitcase.

There is one particular suitcase I usually used when travelling which was my favourite. I bought it from a well-trusted brand and used it for around 8 years before it eventually broke down. Now, this got the gears on my head turning and made me think about other people’s broken suitcase/s or luggage.

What would they do with them? Can they recycle their old suitcases or luggage for a better and more sustainable waste management practice? Let me answer that question below.

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What to do to recycle your old suitcases

Unfortunately, all things grow old and unusable. Father Time remains unbeaten when it comes to everything, even your very durable and sturdy suitcases. No matter how careful you use it or how well the company you bought it from built it, wear and tear will eventually get your suitcases or luggage.

But even though such is the case, hold on and do not throw it away yet. There is a lot more you can do with an old โ€“ or even unusable in terms of travelling โ€“ with your suitcase or luggage. Below, we share with you some great ideas you can do with them.


Reuse them

Surely, you have heard of the term reduce, reuse and recycle, right?

Those three are very important in making sure of a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Reusing, in particular, is something you can do with your old suitcase/s before trying to recycle it/them.

Of course, you will still eventually recycle your suitcases after, but reusing it will delay this, which you would (and should) want.

Many suitcases have fashionable looks, and if you happen to own one that looks good, you can use it as storage wherein you can keep all sorts of clothing inside.

Upcycling works, too!

You can also opt to upcycle your suitcase if you have the DIY skills and motivation to do it. Pinterest is an example of a site where you can get good and fun ideas to deal with your old but still-usable suitcase.


Before you recycle your suitcases…

Hold your horses! Do not send your suitcases for recycling just yet. There are still a number of options you can do that will not exhaust fossil fuels and other natural resources for its recycling.

You can give it to a family member, first and foremost. Your mum or dad might need one or some when they carry on with their dream vacation in a tropical country. So, you can give them your one or two suitcases so they do not have to spend extra to get another. In addition, you could also consider giving it to your friends and acquaintances for the same reason written above.

If you wish to get rid of the suitcase and earn money at the same time, you can just sell it, instead!ย  Browse the web and post your suitcase online.


How to now recycle your suitcases

Now, if the time came and your suitcases are no longer usable even just as a decoration or furniture at home, then it is time to recycle it.

Of course, you cannot just chuck it down your recycling bin as it contains too many materials for recycling facilities to work on it. The machinery now still cannot handle it.

However, you have a number of companies you can contact to take in your suitcases and have them recycle it for you. In particular, you can contact the company where you bought your suitcase from. To use as an example, in Australia, if you bought your luggage from Luggage Direct, they can take in and repair your luggage. If it is too damaged to be repaired by them from warranty, they can recycle them through the form of donating them to the Border Force Dog Handlers for training purposes.

Additionally, they can also opt to donate the damaged (but still repairable) luggage to a charity dedicated to help the victims of domestic violence.



To conclude this blog, you have a number of ways to deal with your suitcase or luggage if it the moment it grows old, damaged or unusable. Even if you cannot throw it in your recycling bin, you can still opt to send them to those who have the means to.

Take care of your suitcases and travel safe, everyone. Also, enjoy your travels!

Meanwhile, you can check out our video and discover everything you need to know about landfills.

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