Cardboard Baler Cost 📦: You may have seen various websites promoting the buying and using of a cardboard baler. After, it can save you a lot of space without changing the weight of the compacted recyclable paper and cardboard. All of this sounds good and all, but is it truly practical for your business to avail a cardboard baler to compact your waste? Read our blog to learn more.


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Cardboard Baler Cost: Things You Need To Consider First

To help you decide for yourself, the cardboard baler must be first discussed. Basically, a baler or a compactor is a type of machine that crushes and compresses materials to save up space, thus making it an effective waste management solution for businesses. You can include any kinds of recyclable that pop up on your mind.  This includes materials such as plastic packaging, paper, cardboard, different types of metal, plastic bottles; any type of product you put in, the baler compacts away!


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The typical advantages of using cardboard baler are as follows:

  • As stated above, they can store and crush large volumes of waste efficiently. As a result, you will never have to worry about space in your business. The cluttered waste can be stored, treated, and processed well.


  • You can choose from many different sizes to fit your business’s needs. If your area is small, you can buy a small cardboard baler. Conversely, for larger businesses that have a large amount of waste piled up, they can opt to buy a bigger and bulkier type of cardboard baler.


  • With the right maintenance, they can last long periods of time. Additionally, they are also sturdy and durable. They can be used by different business industries such as retail, construction, waste management, and recycling sites. This is especially great for businesses that produce a lot of waste.


  • It saves you a lot of time from handling volumes of waste. Additionally, it also lowers your waste cost.

With all of these being said, it is the best solution to your waste concerns? Let me discuss further in the next section. If you find blogs like these interesting, have a look at our official blog page for more informative posts, freshly updated almost every day.

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Does A Business Really Need A Baler?

Before your business decides to buy a cardboard baler, consider the cost and maintenance of it. Generally, even if it says that using a cardboard baler machinery is cost-free, you have to thoroughly think about it, first. As there are advantages to it, there also lies disadvantages in using one. Let me state some examples:

  • Although it is deeply associated with recycling large amounts of waste, an underlying problem it has is the large amounts of energy consumed to make it run as efficiently as possible. According to the Weifang Guoan Engineering Machinery, as a result of the high amounts of energy consumed, it also emits a high concentration of carbon dioxide. The way to make cardboard balers more energy efficient is still in its initial stages.


  • You also have to factor in its maintenance. Obviously, all types of machinery are not perfect, much like balers. When they suddenly encounter problems, it takes a huge effort to make it up and running with utmost efficiency again, much like any other machine.


  • Naturally, buying a baler costs so much money. It can cost you thousands of dollars to own one. And, that is not all; you should also consider the manpower you need to keep it running smoothly and the maintenance part, as stated above.


An Alternative Your Business Can Purchase

Now that the cost, maintenance, and sustainability of a cardboard baler have been discussed, you might be thinking of getting something much more cost-efficient and easily maintained waste collection and processing. The best alternative you can consider is a front lift bin.

Now, what is front load bin, exactly? To define, a front lift bin (or a dumpster/front load bin) is a large container used by all kinds of establishments to store their waste before the pick-up period. It is designed to provide a safe, efficient, and sanitary way to manage your waste produced in your business.

What are the advantages of acquiring a front lift bin over a compact cardboard baler? Here are some few examples:

  • You can purchase a front lift bin for a much cheaper cost than a cardboard baler with almost the same functions.


  • When you do buy a front lift bin, you do not need to check it as often as you should a baler. Additionally, it does not require high maintenance like a baler.


  • You only need to make sure that you dispose of the trash in a proper way, no training is required to handle it. In other words, a front lift bin is much easier to handle than a baler.


Cardboard Baler Cost: Conclusion

You always have to think of what is best for both your business and the environment before deciding to purchase a waste management solution. Although a cardboard baler is an efficient way to manage your waste, it costs a tonne and should be maintained quite often. If you wish for a much cost-efficient alternative, then purchasing a front lift bin waste service is a much better thing to plan on.

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