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Transcript: Podcast On Cartoon Characters


Hello and welcome to another edition of our recycling podcast, Recycle: Don’t be a Waster! Today’s podcast is a little bit different. Um… firstly, because I’m recording – this sitting in my car waiting… waiting for a meeting – but secondly, and we want to introduce you to, I suppose, our… our cartoon characters, which might sound like a strange topic for our recycling podcast. But uh… I… I suppose we think that… we think that a cartoon or a light entertaining method of explaining recycling will be a good idea.


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So we’re launching our, I suppose, our universe of, um… of recycling characters, fundamentally based on our mascot: Mr Waster, who we’ve had for a year or so. But we’re building out some more characters around that and you’ll hopefully see, you know, some more content created around this um… that will help… help… people recycle and maybe, you know, progress through to a different… different demographic or maybe people who may not be podcast listeners or video watchers, you know.


They may watch this… this cartoon, I suppose, in theory, the, uh… the theory or the, you know, the approach we’re looking at is a light sort of approach based, something along the lines of, you know, Postman Pat, Pharman Sam, you know, those sort of cartoons that have been around for kids. I suppose, for generations uh… based around friendly, easy to understand um… Bob the Builder, also another one, I suppose.


Act 2: Podcast On Cartoon Characters


That… that’s the approach we’re looking for. So our main character is Mr Waster whose name is Wally. He lives in the… the beautiful Australian town of… of Seahaven, which, you know, pretty much could be in any – it’s a bit like a Springfield. It could be in any town in Australia or, really, any country. But let’s be clear: He is Australian. And Wally is a hard-working recycling truck driver who loves nothing more than recycling, helping small business owners understand how they can recycle more stuff.


And I’ve just been a helpful guy who always goes the extra mile. Some of the other characters that we will be, you know, exploring and launching will be Rosa, who runs the local cafe. And, uh… Wally the Mr Waster stops off there every morning to pick up his favourite coffee and they inevitably end up chit-chatting about the environment and recycling.


Act 3:Podcast On Cartoon Characters


We have some other characters, um… we have… we have a young boy who just loves recycling. He’s a bit of a bit of a geek, I suppose, and at school, he’s constantly studying and researching about new, uh… new recycling technologies. He’s got his dog his dog is called Julius, and Julius is a… what we would call a bit of a messy dog who constantly gets into mishaps and messes up with garbage peels or garbage cans.


Sorry, I sounded American there for a minute, but uh… you know, knocks over rubbish and causes a great disturbance that Wally has to inevitably tidy up. So you’ll get to meet Dustin and Julius. And also, there are some strangers/visitors to the area who may not even be from well… not even from Seahaven, but maybe not even from this planet. But they will be appearing as well in some of the content that we’re creating, so you know, I look forward to the launch of these characters.


I think they will create a lot of opportunity for us in getting that recycling message across to people and yeah i really look forward to to see how it goes so we’ll leave it there today this was a pretty short one but it’s just to, I suppose, give people the heads up that uh yeah the things are happening that these characters will be coming… coming out and you’ll see them more and more. So we’ll leave it there and again, Recycle: Don’t be a Waster!


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