Cheap commercial waste collection: We all want to receive cheap waste management, extremely reliable and high-quality commercial bin collections and recycling services. But, around this time of year (the month of July, August or whenever you receive your invoice from your supplier), many businesses receive an unwelcomed surprise.


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You may have received a surprise note on the bottom of the most recent invoice from your current waste supplier alerting you to a price increase to be implemented at the beginning of July. This increase could be quite substantial and may represent as much as a 10-15 per cent increase on your total bill, which you may not have thought was of great value in the first place!


What once seemed like truly cheap waste management for your business may not actually represent good value anymore of a cheap commercial waste collection!


Why the sudden increase in rates on 1st July?

1st of July is usually the day when waste companies increase their rates, partly as a result of passing on third party cost increases and also to help them simply meet their financial goals. This means the once cheap commercial waste collection services have increased substantially in terms of pricing.


On our waste resources page, we provide links to the Government websites that give clear and trustworthy information on any changes in waste levies in each state and waste levy area.


For example, as per the NSW EPA website, the waste levy per tonne on rubbish going to landfill in Sydney will increase from $135.70 per tonne to $138.80 per tonne for 2018.


Landfill operators, often your current waste provider but very often a separate company, will also increase their rates on 1st July. This increased cost can be passed on to customers.


Cheap waste management


What does your contract say? does it mean your cheap commercial waste collection is only an introductory rate?

You should read through your contract from your waste supplier but it probably says that they can increase your rates. Check the small print etc but it is standard to increase rates on an annual or more frequent basis.


What is Waster doing to ensure ongoing cheap waste management for our small and medium customers?

Waster rates are valid until 30 June 2019. These rates should remain very constant for the next 12 months. In the first place, our objective is to ensure you receive reliable cheap commercial waste collection without unexpected price volatility.


Furthermore, Waster really focuses on pricing stability for our customers with our flexible 30-day agreements.


What should you do to obtain cheap commercial waste collection?

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Cheap waste collection: Arranging bin services can be a daunting prospect for your small business. That is because you will be bombarded by misleading claims, doubtful figures and no real ability to easily compare prices. The worst thing is that you also might find yourself tied into a restrictive multi-year contract.


In this section of the blog, we will cover 5 simple questions to ask any trustworthy waste management company. We want to ensure that you will get a cheap commercial waste collection. Or, at the very least, we want you to get a good value as much as possible!


Waster is a real alternative for small and medium enterprises in Australia. We provide cheap commercial waste collection and recycling in all metro regions across the country. You can check out our pricing and book cheap waste collection now by pressing the button below:


5 questions to ask to obtain cheap waste collection!

QUESTION #1: Can you provide pricing now?

A reputable company should be able to provide pretty accurate pricing on the phone or in-person (i.e. based on the number of bins, access and frequency). Additionally, they should not really need to do a site inspection or come to visit you to provide a β€œfree quote”. There will be some caveats such as access and height restrictions.


QUESTION #2: Do I need to sign a long term contract?

Many companies will want you to sign a long term; they will want you to sign a multi-year contract for them to start providing bin services. Think about it this way: is there any real benefit to you, the customer in this context? As a bin company does not have to provide any expensive equipment, etc. to you, there should really be no need for a long term contract.


QUESTION #3: Do I get charged by weight in the bin?

General waste is usually disposed of at landfill based on weight. Thus, the heavier your bins, the more you will usually pay. You should know what weight (or average weight) the price you have been quoted is based on – and if you will be charged more if your bins are heavier. You could be quoted an artificially low price based on a very low weight – then get hit by excess charges. Note: Waster does not charge excess charges in 99% of cases.


QUESTION #4: Are you properly licensed?

This is vital. if the supplier is not licensed, then you really are risking your business. The company should be able
to describe their operations and facilities – and provide evidence of certification etc.


QUESTION #5: Can I get a discount if I book other services?

Yes. Of course, you should ask for a better price and also a discount if you book other services, aside from a cheap commercial waste collection services such as recycling bins or grease trap cleaning.


Conclusion on cheap commercial waste collection

It does not have to be super difficult. Asking a few simple questions will help you organise the commercial litter bin service you need for your business.


For more detail on the industry, see our review of the Four Corners expose of waste management.


Furthermore, check out our other blogs. We routinely cover a huge variety of topics from cheap waste collection, commercial litter bins, and commercial plastic bins services to all types of recycling. If you want to know how to recycle, this website is the best place to start!


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