Collecting rubbish: when you are thinking about which bin to put your rubbish and recyclables into – it is sometimes good to know if there are any alternative uses for the items you are throwing out. At Waster – we love to promote good news environmental and business stores that let businesses reduce their waste spend whilst boosting recycling. In today’s blog – we will cover the potential to use items such as used plastic bottles to improve your home or even to transform buildings in the third world.


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Collecting rubbish – how you can use plastic bottles for lighting inside your building

For an example of how collecting rubbish can deliver unexpected benefits – we draw attention to the Litter of Light project in the Philippines.


According to the UK Guardian newspaper:


“Around 25,000 low-income homes in the Philippines have been lit up after the launch of a scheme to fit sunlight-powered “bulbs” made from old plastic bottles.”


“In a country where 40% of the population lives off less than $2 a day, the rising cost of power leaves many unable to afford electricity. Some use candles as a light source, but when generations of family members share a small, dark space in shanty towns, accidental and destructive fires are often the result.”


The system is really easy to implement and extremely cheap:


“The scheme uses plastic bottles filled with a solution of bleached water, installed into holes made in shanty towns’ corrugated iron roofs, which then refracts the equivalent of 55W of sunlight into the room – during the day, at least. It takes five minutes to make, and using a hammer, rivet, metal sheets, sandpaper and epoxy, it costs $1 to produce.”


Collecting rubbish idea


It is easy to see how a project such as this could be used in Australia for buildings such as sheds, rural shelters, toilet blocks in nature reserves etc – saving electricity and maintenance costs.


We think it is a great idea and another great way of keeping rubbish out of landfill.


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