Commercial bin collection: the most common question we hear from potential customers is how much money can you save me? I suppose you can not blame someone for getting straight to the point.


Many commercial bin collection companies will promise large price reductions to move to them but may not keep that pricing in place for very long at all. When you start speaking to a waste company – it is also common for them to not be very clear about the price they will quote you until they have “visited your location, checked out your needs” etc. This practise makes it more difficult for you to shop around for lower prices or get a real comparable rate from a competitor to indicate if you are receiving competitive pricing from your current supplier or not.


No Obligation, Free 24 hour Cost Comparison on Commercial Bin Collection

To enable customers and potential customers to make accurate and reliable decisions based on accurate information, we have provided our free 24 hour cost comparison service. By uploading a recent invoice from an existing supplier (you can also attach a photo or your invoice from your mobile phone) or by emailing us with your current prices, schedules and bin sizes / waste streams, will reply to you within 24 hours detailing the savings that will be achieved by moving to Waster.


24 hour turnaround

We know that when you are seeking to compare prices and services standards – quick turnaround is extremely important. commits to reply within 24 hours detailing a like for like cost saving comparison on a monthly and annual basis from moving to Waster.


Note: In many cases – your cost comparison will be completed in a shorter time period than 24 hours.


Cost saving also offers additional benefits

All Waster commercial bin collection contracts are on a no risk, 30 day month to month contract. You can exit the contract at any time by providing 30 day notice to Waster in writing (and yes – an email is sufficient written notice.)


The cost saving comparison we provide will likely offer you a significant cost saving as well as improved contract terms.  Many of our customers have saved as much as 25% on an annual basis. Give it a try!