Commercial dumpster rental: ย If you are like me, the word “dumpster” conjures up memories of TV shows and movies. It suggests North America and movies where large metal dumpsters are positioned on the streets of New York, Chicago, or other major cities.



In Aussie parlance, they are more commonly called simply “bins”. Check out our blog on trash cans. When we think of dumpsters in Australia, we would refer to them as larger metal bins, but not skips (e.g., 1.5m, 3.0m or 4.5m front lift bins).


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Note: a front lift bin is one that stays on site. It is emptied by tipping it into a garbage truck. Conversely, a skip bin is one which is taken away by a truck. See the video below of a commercial dumpster rental being emptied.



In this blog, we will discuss the different types of commercial dumpster or bin businesses can avail for rental purposes and the ease to arrange such services with Waster. Additionally, we also want to share with you a heartwarming article. Read on to learn more.


So, who is Waster? How can they help with a budget dumpster rental?


Waster delivers low cost and reliable waste and recycling services to small and medium Australian businesses. You can book your business dumpster rental services and be confident with our flexible 30-day agreements and responsive customer service. Check out your trash dumpster rental options by pressing the button below:



We offer all bin sizes from 240 litres up to 4.5m commercial dumpster rental. See our related blogs on industrial waste bin sizes and commercial waste management services.


General information on commercial dumpster rental


We should first discuss what a commercial dumpster rental is so readers can easily comprehend the statements that follow afterwards.


Basically, businesses differ greatly with households. Obviously, a business setup produces more trash than the latter mentioned. As a result, they need a more different and thorough waste collection service than those of households. Usually, they would be recommended a dumpster – or more commonly known as a skip bin in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK – to house their large volumes of generated waste.


They usually come with a variety of sizes, as already mentioned above, that businesses can choose from based on the amount of waste they produce.


Businesses should first consult with waste management and recycling provider – like Waster – before availing the services they need. They also need to consider the factors that can affect their discussed waste collection method and schedule.




“How often should our trash be collected? Can the trucks easily access the bins in our place? What type of waste does our business often generate? What commercial trash dumpster size should we purchase for our business? Is it possible to recycle any of our generated waste?” Those are just some of the questions that need to be addressed.


First things first, you need to sort out the collection schedule and your business place with your chosen provider. These two are key factors in ensuring efficient waste management. Typically, you would want your trash to be collected before being overfilled, so determining your generated trash in a specific timeframe is needed. Overfilled bins can lead to all sorts of aesthetic, health, and environmental problems. Businesses who generate high volumes of trash should have their trash collected more frequently than those who do not.



The place of your bin also matters before availing a commercial dumpster rental service. To ensure the collection of your trash, make sure you thoroughly talk with your potential waste management provider about your place. They may choose not to go on with the service because of accessibility issues (i.e., truck require a lot of maneuvering and such; therefore, they need a lot of space to operate).


Recycling also helps a lot!


Businesses must also know the type of waste they often generate before purchasing waste management and recycling services. They can cut costs if this way. As we keep reminding you, there are various waste levies in Australia, which makes throwing trash into landfills very expensive. Not only will it become expensive for waste management companies, but it will also be passed down to the customers. So, what Waster always recommends is purchasing a recycling bin.


A recycling bin diverts some certain waste (i.e., recyclables) you generate from going into landfills. So, what purchasing a recycling bin does is let you contribute to the sustainability of the planet and cut costs as a much-needed, added bonus to go along.


Giving a new meaning to commercial dumpster rental


We all know big cities have a housing issue. But, this article in the Daily Mail surprised Mr Waster and gave an entirely new view on commercial dumpster rental or trash dumpster rental. We quote from the article here:


“After spending several nights on the cold streets of New York City, two male models teamed up to build a home disguised as a dumpster for a homeless man who showed them kindness.”


“The two met the 39-year-old when they posed as homeless men, looking for a worthy recipient to sponsor for their charity.”


dumpster rental cost


“Cummings took the models under his wing, pointing out places to sleep, how to find food and even shared some of his blankets with them.”


“In return, Duffy and Sullivan decided to build him a semi-permanent home and spent $1,500 on creating a safe place Cummings could call his own, equipped with solar panels and USB ports.”


“Cummings moved into his new digs, which is four feet wide, four feet tall and a little over six feet long, in June 2016.”


“It is outfitted with wheels, lights, a safety lock, two USB ports, a window and solar panels.”



“Currently, the wooden shelter is parked at Spring and Wooster streets, in Soho, Manhattan.”


You can see a video on the commercial dumpster rental story with a real difference as below:



See our blog on Sydney skip bins and how waste to landfill could reduce to zero.




You do not need to seek a trash dumpster rental or a recycling dumpster rental any further. Waster can certainly help you with low cost and efficient services.


Waster has all the available and convenient commercial trash dumpster sizes fit for your business’s needs.


You can also check out our other informative blogs. If I may suggest a blog, why don’t you start with our blog on commercial wheelie bin collection services? Businesses will also find this as a good read.


Dumpster rental cost and prices are clear and easy to understand with Waster. Please contact us on 1300 927 837 to discuss further.


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