Commercial Food Waste Disposal Method: If you have ever booked general waste bin services you will be aware that the heavier the weight of you bins – the higher the cost and this cost is increasing year after year. The cost of general waste bins is now becoming a real impediment to business growth in many areas.  This is because your general waste bins are collected and priced based on volume – but when the truck reaches the landfill – it is charged on weight in tonnes. See our blog on why the weight of bins matters.



It is for this reason that businesses producing lots of organic food waste – such as food production, green grocers, juicing companies etc tend to have really heavy and expensive waste removal (and require a sustainable commercial food waste disposal system).


The pulp and organic waste (say from a juicing business) is just very dense and heavy – it can be almost as heavy as water – as there is no gaps for air – i.e. up to 1 tonne per cubic metre.


. This can also result in problems moving the bin around your site and loading it on to trucks. For this reason, commercial organic waste solutions such as those offered by Waster – are usually in small bins.


You can book services (such as commercial food waste disposal bins) and see prices through our online waste shop today – press the blue buttons at the top or bottom of this page – to access our waste services shop – where you can arrange all your bin services from organic food waste disposal to paper and cardboard bins.



Commercial food waste disposal methods – try to minimise your waste as a first step


At Waster, we really believe in helping charity where possible. It can help reduce business costs also if you donate commercial food waste disposal (i.e. where the food is of a high quality and fit for eating) to a local charity or to a national organisation such as SecondBite.


commercial food waste disposal system


In this blog we want to cover one of the newer commercial food waste disposal systems on the market in Australia – the American made “Waste-to-Waster” Bio-EZ machine.


The machine “rapidly decomposes all food waste into a nutrient rich liquid suitable for discharge into public waste disposal systems.”


The machines (which are changing the landscape for organic food waste disposal process in Australia) – which come in different sizes- and can be located in a commercial kitchen can dispose of all food waste safely and conveniently and means you do not need to organise pump outs like for some older systems or arrange organic waste or general waste bins collections. This can save a food business a very large cost – running into thousands of dollars.


The organic food waste disposal is basically turned to liquid and can be emptied directly to sewer – completely removing the need (and associated cost) or organic food waste disposal bins – or general waste services. See our blog on green waste collection – i.e. for non food waste.


The machines come in three sizes and can handle volume of commercial food waste disposal of up to 700kg a day. Note: grants may also be available for some businesses to implement these machines. You should check with the EPA in your state for more detail on this.


Financial payback for commercial food waste disposal system


The real financial benefit to your business is that you can reduce or even remove the need for ongoing bin collections.


A one off capital expense – and minimal ongoing maintenance could save you thousands in organic food waste disposal methods such as bins etc. Plus – you never need to worry about a missed bin service or smelly bins again!


In NSW – the EPA has a bin trim program where companies can receive up to 50% rebate on the cost of recycling capital expenditure.


See our blog asking should food waste even be penalised with the landfill levy?



This commercial food waste disposal system is welcomed by Australian water authorities currently. You can see an overview of the process through this Youtube video:



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