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Seems quite familiar, right? You might have seen some commercial businesses in your area owning compactors. Why do they compact their rubbish? Is it beneficial or not? Let us discuss.

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How does the compaction of solid waste help?

Many businesses like supermarkets, retail stores, and the like all generate a huge amount of rubbish on their premises. Aside from the rubbish taking up so much space in the facility, it also prompts business owners to avail of waste management services more frequently. As a result, they lose more money. What can they do to better manage their waste and alleviate these issues?

The answer? Solid waste compaction. This is done through a compactor. It is a machine used to reduce rubbish and maximise space. It is a large, rectangular machine powered by hydraulics, but can also take many shapes and sizes fit to the needs of users.

One example of a compactor is a car compactor, the one they use for the compaction of cars. But in this case, we will focus more on trash compactors.

How does it even help businesses and hauliers in general? Let me discuss it with you.


1. Cuts cost

Purchasing waste compaction equipment helps businesses save up space. As a result, this means they save up more money. Business owners can lower the number of waste hauling visits by compacting their rubbish due to the fact that if you tightly pack your waste, you can dispose of 50 to 90 per cent more trash. This equates to better business cost management for owners.


2. Makes businesses cleaner

Another advantage of solid waste compaction is making businesses’ facilities cleaner in general. When businesses generate so much waste, it becomes a nuisance for the business itself. That is because loose waste releases unpleasant odours and attracts all sorts of pests in the area. Owning waste compaction equipment eliminates all of that.


3. Helps in creating a greener business

Companies nowadays are expected to operate in a more economically friendly way. Solid waste compaction and effective waste disposal helps businesses manage the huge amount of trash generated. If the said business, for example, generates recyclables like empty plastic bottles and cardboard, it may take up lots of space in their recycling bins. But by compacting them, recycling them will be much easier.

Take note that businesses are not the only establishments that can use these, households as well. Homeowners now have the option to purchase smaller versions of these waste compaction equipment to treat their generated rubbish.


Landfill solid waste compaction

trash compactor

Aside from those mentioned, compaction of solid waste can also be beneficial to landfills. Each year, landfills in Australia receive approximately 20 million tonnes of waste. An astounding amount of waste, right? This results in waste eating up so much space in landfills. But this is not something new, and there are already machines designed to help fight off this issue. As you guessed, the machine I am talking about is waste compaction equipment.

Waste compaction equipment reduces the volume of waste in landfills by about 80 per cent. An excerpt from the Compactor Management Company states:

The weight of the garbage remains the same but a trash compactor cuts down the volume of space it occupies in landfills. Homeowners can save time and effort, reducing visits to the garbage can to empty the trash collector at home, if they combine their investment and set up a compaction unit on a community level.


How we can also make a difference in waste management

Compaction of solid waste, although a good way to treat waste, is not enough to totally make a difference. We also have to change our ways and reduce our own generated waste. Here, I mustered up steps on how to be more environmentally friendly:

  • The 5 Rs – you might have expected me to put the usual 3 Rs, right? Well, there are 2 more where that came from. Aside from the usual Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle; we also have to factor in Refuse and Rot. Refuse anything that you do not need. Reduce your consumption of everything and buy only what you need. Anything you can still use, do so and reuse them to avoid generating more waste. Recycle items instead of throwing them. And finally, for organic waste, compost them.
  • Being more eco-friendly – the world is becoming more and more polluted today, so being environmentally aware is a necessity for people nowadays to help counter this problem. Cut down energy in your own house. Borrow instead of buying. Additionally, you can also opt to donate your used items instead of throwing them in the bin.


Compaction of solid waste: conclusion

In order to have an efficient waste management system, it is very beneficial to consider getting waste compaction equipment for facilities. Trash compactors cut costs and make businesses more eco-friendly. But it is also important to note that we humans should also practice cutting our own waste to help create a more sustainable environment.


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